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    Question for people Pro-guns....

    It still is a necessity. Hence why it was written. The revolution was roughly 220 years ago (im not looking up for specifics) so what 4 lifetimes of an average human? We may be in a more "civilized" time in human history, but were still barely out of the jungle. Humans will always be assholes...
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    Skyrim Dragons: Ok this is getting ridiculous......

    Ill take fighting a shitload of dragons over another fucking oblivion gate any day. I hated those. Loved the game, but god i hate those gates.
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    since when is christmass a religions event?

    The story of jesus is the greatest story ever told throughout history. Go look up Horus, Mithra and numerous others that tell the same story. It's all a lie.
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    Why are Americans so Patriotic?

    One specific thing comes to mind. The troops. People hate on the troops for being baby killers and momma rapers, or just feeding the evil government machine. When honestly a soldier is just like every other person. They go to work, do the job they were hired to do, and go home. When put into a...
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    Why Keep Your Wallet In Your Back Pocket?

    I wear cargo pants most of the time. So i keep it in my left cargo pocket. Jeans, back left.
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    You know movie wise i dont get too many moments like that. However, music hits me more often. You know the opening theme to Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex first season? Yeah listen to the full version in the second half where the singer really opens up the vocals.
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    Poll: Would you date/sleep with a person that has a Physical handicap ?

    I have. And i would again. I've also slept with 2 mentally challenged girls. They were perfectly fine with it. We were all happy to get some.
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    Developer: Assassin's Creed's 12 Month Development Time is "Ideal"

    As long as i personally like it, i dont give a shit what people think about it. If it works for them, then do it.
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    Poll: Security Guards V.S. 12-year old punk

    Bullshit, that little shit wanted to resist, he got what he deserved. A cop would do the same thing to someone trying to resist. People think that just because a cop throws someone down on the ground when their being unruly but not physical is bad. Total bull, someone mouthing off to a Leo just...
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    Your favorite jewel of Real Time Strategy Game

    I remember playing the original command and conquer. Loved the RTS genre.
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    What is your favorite signature weapon?

    This Machine from F:NV. Im a Garand freak.
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    A conundrum to drum. No-one under 18.

    Your 17. You should be trying to fuck anything with a vagina.
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    ever been so lucky (or I suppose good) that you've been accused of cheating online

    I was playing block ops one night, i was on a mad streak of wins in Ground war. Well at my peak of awesomeness this night, i was rolling along and got myself up to a 3 kill streak. Kinda rare for me cause i don't play much. Well i happen into this open area, and get 4, then 5, then holy crap 6...
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    Poll: Would accept to live in this village/reality show for a year for 10 million $

    They better have a shooting range, dont know if i could go a year without popping some rounds off. Otherwise, No internet: Spent most of my childhood without it. I can relearn how to not have it. Books, DVDs, crafts projects, learn a language. Not to mention work out. Man i could have a home...
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    What have you done to your body?

    I have a fair amount of burn scars from welding. I have a huge burn mark on my right arm, and on my ass. Also have a dozen tattoos. Before people react to "How did i burn my ass?!" its not literally on my cheek. Its just below my belt line which most people consider your ass. I was welding...