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    Poll: Mists of Pandaria - Why all the hate?

    I'm seeing a lot of people hating on WoW's new expansion, Mists of Pandaria. Can't understand it, myself. I've watched Blizzcon via a virtual ticket, and what I've seen of MoP so far is AWESOME. Super pumped about it. I've seen most of the arguments both for and against Mists of...
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    Wierdest thing you've ever said out of rage to a game.

    I think it would have to be while playing Plants vs. Zombies. Such standout one-liners include: and
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    It's official... MW3 teaser!

    I loved MW2, singleplayer, SpecOps and multiplayer, and I'm probably going to love MW3. If only they didn't torpedo MW2 into the ground by not giving it dedicated servers, a lot less people whould've bought the (in my opinion) abysmally bad Black Ops. I just hope Activision don't try to kill...
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    Sony Denies May 31 Deadline For PSN Return

    Man, I would not want to be Sony right now. With the furious fans on one side and the hacker-assassins on the other, this could be the thing that kills the PlayStation. Ok, the death of the PS may be a little too much, but there's no denying that Sony will never completely get back from...
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    Mirror's Edge Sequel May Still Be Running

    Personally, I didn't like Mirror's Edge much. For one thing, it was far too linear for me, and especially considering this is a freerunning game, that was a big problem. Combat was frustrating, and a few times the game flat out refuses to tell you where to go and how to get there, while throwing...
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    "Games Cause Rape" Psychiatrist Defends Her Position

    I hope we don't anything more from this stupid bint. I'm sorry, I really can't find any other descriptive words. Not even a glimmer of mention of the studies she was asked (maybe that's not the right word, but let's roll with it here) to show. XD Made me laugh.
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    Poll: If you could have one force power...

    Man, that's hard to choose. First thought was Force Jump, because I've always wanted to cruise around on the rooftops of a city. Force Mind Trick would be pretty awesome, too. "No, I can't imagine why you thought my travel bags were really full of diamonds and ingots of gold, when they're...
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    Zero Punctuation: Dead Space 2

    Yep, vid isn't loading for me either (all the way here in NZ). Stream not found. Let's get it fixified with your magical powers of technology, Escapist web guys (Webmaster? Videofile Lord? Godking of Escapist Online Video Entertainment?).
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    "Contrarian" Gamers Suck Says Treyarch

    I can see both sides of the argument here: Absolutely, the bitching from the community is not only grating but hurting the industry. Then again, it's a good idea to actually listen to the bitching (as painful as it is), find the problem, and fix it. If I released a game, and I got a...
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    What's Your Black Ops Loadout?

    I mostly play with my Sharpshooter class, but sometimes I'll play with Heavy Support. SHARPSHOOTER Main: FN FAL w/ Extended Mag and Reflex Sight (Crosshairs, Red) Secondary: Crossbow Lethal: Semtex Tactical: Stun Equipment: Claymore Perk 1: Hardline Perk 2: Warlord Perk 3...
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    Blizzard Gives Thumbs-Up to World of StarCraft Mod

    Nice one, Blizzard. This is why I like you guys - always trying to help the modding community.
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    Nintendo Hates Justin Bieber

    Ok, seriously? That poster makes him look like a girl. No, I'm SORRY. You could seriously fool me with that poster. Give him longer hair and BAM. Insta-girl. Justine Bieber. The Bee(w)b. I could go on. C'mon, this is Andy Chalk. He's taking the piss.
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    Poll: A cake jumps out of a stripper, what do you do?

    Scream. Fall to my knees and try to comprehend the situation, but fail. Curl into a ball and watch the bloody cake and the tattered remnants of the stripper as I fall into insanity.
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    How Do You Assassinate?

    A silenced sniper rifle, preferably using ammunition that minimizes penetration and thus reduces the chance of any collateral damage.
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    Poll: 360 or PC for Mass Effect 3?

    Hmm. As mush as I like imported saves, I think the PC will just handle better. So I'd go for the PC.