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    Jimquisition: Online Passes Are Bad For Everybody

    This entire argument just seemed a little weak to me. I don't have a strong feeling towards having or not having online passes. I know its an opinion based show, but I'd like a little bit more support to one's opinion than what seems to be whining more about time, and help the financially poor...
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    NCAA Football 12 Retraction

    The online perks also don't add much of an advantage at all, if you can figure out what works well to get recruits to commit its not a problem. I had some of the perks from last years game which are the same thing. I didn't even look at them I felt so cheated on what I had just bought.
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    Old cartoons you would rewatch or revive if you could

    I think you are saying rurouni Kenshin, the elemental samurai's I believe is Saint Seiya, and yuyu hakusho. All great shows loved the old toonami. I will include Voltron in this list for nostalgia's sake. I would have to say ed edd and eddy, along with static shock were a couple of my...
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    ever cried about the ending of a anime?

    "ano hi mita hana no namae o boku tachi wa mada shiranai" or Ano Hana for short is airing this season, I get emotional almost every episode, its been great so far. I can only assume the ending will make me emotional too, but this one for sure.
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    Portal 2 is Awsome!

    The whole "when life gives you lemons...." dialogue I thought was the best. Had me in stiches for a good 2 minutes had to just sit and wait before I could move on. I only got truly stuck on 2 puzzles I'd have to say all the others seemed pretty straightforward and took a little of...
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    Roundup: MLB 2K11 vs. MLB 11 The Show

    Had it loved it to death but those damn crackers got me everytime, and I hated the robot team with a passion that should not have belonged to an 8 year old. Also I think the reviewer left out one very important thing is the game modes, sure you have season and dynasty, but The Show is all...
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    Your first anime series

    Voltron, I remember rushing home from elementary school so I could watch the last 10 to 25 minutes of the episode. I was severely bummed out when I got held up and couldn't make it home to watch it some days. I owe all of my early exposure to anime to cartoon network with shows like rerouni...
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    Designer X + Designer Y = Best Game Ever?

    I resent people putting popcap in with zynga, just because they both make casual games, but popcap actually makes solid games that are stand-alone (plants vs zombies anyone?) not some facebook application. I myself would choose insomniac and valve just because I would love to see what kind of...
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    Daily Drop: Drop Shot

    I was gonna say it looked like an irish car bomb but someone beat me to the punch
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    What's the last "old" movie you watched for the first time?

    I have been in a bit of "classic" movie phase myself. I have watched "Cat On a Hot Tin-Roof" "The Sting", pretty enjoyable one if you liked any of the ocean's movies, "Butch Cassidy and Sundance kid" "Ben Hur" "The Robe" "The Great Escape" "Bullet" thats what i have off of the top of my head...
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    Sony Reveals PlayStation Phone Launch Details

    I also wanted it, but ended up getting a blackberry instead. If this can play games as well as it looks I don't know why you would get the NGP, this is quality portable gaming and a phone. It will most likely be the next phone I buy when this current contract is up.
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    I have a Man-Crush on...

    Woo Billy Talent, I agree with this statement I'll also say Mark Wahlberg aka Marky Mark of the funky bunch
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    Criticism of Anime and Manga

    I just wanna say that if your opinion of a show, not just anime, is based on appearances is very shallow. A show should be based on its story depth, and character development. That's just my 2 cents worth thought it needed to be said, because art style is nothing without story and characters...
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    NFS Hot Pursuit = Burnout Paradise except not as fun

    Don't get me wrong it's still fun it's just I was expecting a bit more. I love my arcade racers, but I feel criterion could have done more than what they did. It's pretty much a burnout game with cops and robbers. And to those of you who haven't played the Burnout series, you are really...
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    NFS Hot Pursuit = Burnout Paradise except not as fun

    Now I know that Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is made by criterion who made the burnout games, but seriously this game is the exact same format in leveling up and earning cars as Burnout Paradise did, but its nowhere near as fun. There are no huge ramps, no mind blowing crashes, there are still...