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    Poll: Has a game ever made you cry?

    out of frustration, yes
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    American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns Brings the Crazy Back to Wonderland

    omg this is gonna be awesome, maybe better then the first game
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    What was your first ever console and game?

    Nintendo 64, got Goldeneye and Lylat Wars bundled with it, but also bought Mario kart 64 on the same day.
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    Poll: Why HD Remakes from Last Gen?

    I wish the current systems just had proper backward capability for all games of the last gen, i had a real hankering for some The Warriors a bit back, i put it in my xbox360 expecting to play it, i was sorely disapointed.
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    People who are universally liked.

    i think people should stop bagging the Pumpkins, they are my favorite band, its getting me down
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    Poll: Screamo and You!

    yeah in most cases i believe screaming is like salt, its great to garnish a meal with, but you don't want the meal to consist solely of salt. there are a few exceptions though of course
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    Poll: Screamo and You!

    Great song from Gay For Johnny Depp, listen and learn
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    Activision Pulls the Plug on Guitar Hero Franchise

    celebrate good times COME ON!
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    Poll: Screamo and You!

    yep, gotta love the screamo, i'm particularly into Gay For Johnny Depp right now, excellent stuff
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    What does steam punk mean?

    rebellious kettles
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    Alan Wake: Thoughts?

    excellent game, i loved my time in Bright falls, even if you do get a little tired of fighting the same guys over and over
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    Do you take yahtzee's reviews with a grain of salt?

    No, but they are great fun and Ive watched them all now
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    People who are universally liked.

    Kathy Bates and Postman Pat
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    Zero Punctuation: Heavy Rain

    i haven't played this game, i don't have a PS3, but after Yahtzee mentioned the finger cutting off scene it was straight to you tube for me
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    Zero Punctuation: Dead Space 2

    i love these reviews, even if i don't entirely agree with them in some cases. i thought this was a pretty great game