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    Poll: Do you wear jewellery and why?

    Female and I said no but it's kind of a lie. I do wear jewelry twice a year and that comes from special events like funerals or weddings. I feel weird whenever I do too like there is constantly something hanging from me and I'm not wrong. A pandora bracelet and my class ring are...
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    The inspiration of your username

    It's a long story.
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    The Lure - The Glam Rock Mermaid Horror Movie You Need

    Just saw it. It was weird and unsettling, exactly what I had hoped for.
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    Toys To Life: Who Still Cares?

    I actually think the idea is still pretty brilliant despite being expensive. If I were younger I'd be all over this kind of stuff. I mean who wouldn't want their action figure turn into a video game character they can interact with?
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    Samurai Jack Season 5 thread.

    Agreed. I think the show works best when it takes its time. In fact part of what makes Samurai Jack unique to me is it's slow pacing. I hope this episode was just a fluke.
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    Samurai Jack Season 5 thread.

    Like I kinda worried with the short season. This episode felt rushed. It seemed like three episodes rolled into one without any way to breathe. At least compared to the episodes that came before it that were much slower and better for it.
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    How many "normal" Japanese books have you read?

    Gotcha. I loved was well I meant to continue with the series.
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    How many "normal" Japanese books have you read?

    4 As in 4 of the Vampire Hunter D novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi though those might be light novels I'm not sure.
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    So... how about that Rick and Morty Episode

    Boo I wanted Samurai Jack but...I...I've never seen Rick and Morty before and it was funny.
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    Freeman's Mind 2

    It might be though the first one was very funny.
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    What do you like/dislike in a protagonist?

    I dislike protagonists that are jerks. To be more specific I hate it when the protagonist is a self serving jerk and the narration or the mood of the piece of work they are in doesn't acknowledge how awful they are or, worse even praises their behavior or world view. See; Main characters from...
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    No, seriously, Konosuba is the best anime I've seen in a long time...

    Meh. Whelp. Pretty much sums up my thoughts. I'm glad that the show has a lot of fans. But to me it kinda wants to have its cake and eat it too. In that it is both a rip on tropy wish fulfillment anime and wish fulfillment anime itself. Which is fine, but also doesn't make it very clever by...
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    So apparently JonTron is a racist

    You know the fastest way, in my experience to discredit your arguement is to reduce yourself to insulating the other perspective. It tarneshes whatever point you might have had otherwise. As a personal takeaway from this thread and not speaking to just you personally, I'm surprised and...
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    Your age and your thoughts

    Huh. It's no wonder why the quality of The Escapist forums is so good given everyone's age here. You are all mature adults. :D I'm 24 and I had a fantastic year last year. I got a driver's license, a car, and a great paying job with great benefits and plenty of movement potential/security. I...
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    So apparently JonTron is a racist

    Sometimes due to grammical errors and sloppy sentence structure my point doesn't come off as conherent as I want to be. Sorry about that. To be clear I don't agree with that genetics fact I find it a little abhorrent and, as a black person, rather demeaning. I only brought it up...