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    Then all of a sudden...

    I would eat them, then I would kill them for selecting a unicorn over an alicorn.
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    What's your vice?

    After an exercise we did in ENG245, I have reached the conclusion that ponies are my vice. Every thought I traced during the exercise led to My Little Pony...guess I'll be callin' that shrink now.
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    Poll: Asking for a kiss on your birthday.

    Because it's a half-joke, I'd say to do it. If she says yes, then lucky you! If she says no, it might be awkward but as a half-joke you both can just laugh it off and you probably won't feel so rejected. Just make sure you ask her in a joking tone. If you sound too serious or too desperate...
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    Rarest stuff you've seen or caught in a Pokemon game

    I caught three Mewtwos on yellow version.
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    Sugest me some good non-screaming metal/music

    Something that sounds similar to Mark Lanegan...familiar with Alice In Chains? How about Soundgarden?
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    Most offensive thing an enemy has done...

    Halo: Reach. Teabagged by an Elite in Firefight...never thought I'd see the day that an AI would teabag a player, intentionally or otherwise.
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    Worst game PURCHASE you ever made.

    Brink, Terraria, or Mass Effect 2 for PC. Brink: AI are retarded as hell, not to mention insanely difficult, and the single player is boring with a capital "bore." Terraria: Fun for about 15 minutes, then I went back to Minecraft. Mass Effect 2 PC: The only thing that made it a money...
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    11-Yr-Old Girl Saves Baby Bird From Cat, Mom Gets $535 Fine

    These kind of incidents always confuse me to the point beyond words...she even released the bird! It's one thing to put it in a box or a cage, but it's another to put it back in its nest.
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    You now ARE the last thing you killed in a video game.

    I'm an 8-foot tall Sangheili warrior with overshields, an energy sword, endless plasma grenades, and a plasma launcher...COME AT ME BRO!
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    You are killed by the last weapon you used in the last game you played.

    Sniped by this: What else is new?
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    What really just pisses you off?

    People that talk to me about the following: Religion Politics My Little Pony being a terrible/stupid show Racism Bigotry
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    For Muscians and the Musically Inclined - Dream Instruments

    Paul Reed Smith Custom 24. One of three guitars that Pete Loeffler of Chevelle uses. It's a beauty, eh?
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    Weird Dreams...

    Where does getting from first to third base with an anthro Fluttershy lie on the Fucked Up scale? And for all you kiddies, this ain't no game of baseball I'm talking about. After my subconscious gave me that, I'm going to fucking kill it. Worst gift ever.
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    If you were going into battle, what weapons would you take? (REAL OR FICTIONAL)

    I'd be packing a chainsword, a Beretta M92 handgun, and an M249 SAW. If I could fit a claymore on my back or make an M134 Minigun portable, I'd take those too.
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    Favorite era / genre of music?

    Most of my library consists of hard rock and alternative stuff, namely Chevelle, Tool, and Breaking Benjamin. I'm 19. The reason I'm got so much metallic music is probably because I like my music to have a very consistent, rhythmic feel to it. Case in Point...