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    Behind the Design of WoW: Mists of Pandaria

    Ladies and gentlemen, the finest quote from baby's first interview. Man, oh man. I actually got my hands on a beta code for MoP some time ago, played it, had some warm nostalgic feelings for about 4 hours and then realised that I was bored out of my mind. The most fun I had with WoW was...
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    Poll: I'm On The Fence About Trying The Witcher 2

    I have the Witcher 2, I didn't like it. The combat is far too clunky and there is WAY too much stuff they throw at you. This attack needs this spell, this spell need this attack, don't forget to drink your potion that you brewed from several herbs. Also you need to sit down and meditate while...
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    Escapist Expo: Fanboyism

    They were referring to Sonic fanboys, the overzealous, foaming at the mouth, rabid fans who will defend the franchise until their dying day, no matter how bad the games have become. You are clearly not a fanboy, you are just a fan, because you are able to make clear distinctions between the...
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    Have you ever bought a game multiple times?

    Bought Bulletstorm twice, for PC and for X-Box 360. I wanted to support the developer since they were having financial issues. Not that it mattered much in the end since EA screwed them over a few months after the release of Bulletstorm.
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    Bayonetta 2 announced as Wii U exclusive, console gamers pissed.

    Exclusives need to go the way of the Dodo.
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    James Cameron Nearly Directed Jurassic Park

    Cell: crap movie, far too pretentious for it's own good. Thor: not bad, but very simplistic (but how much can you get out of a comic book anyway) Jurassic Park 3: absolutely horrible. I HAVE NO FAITH IN PART 4.
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    Apple Announces iPhone 5

    I will just leave this here:
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    Transformers 4 Will Star New Transformers

    They used Arcee and Barricade in the movies, they are both Gen 2 Transformers, so it has been done. Just that they sucked balls. Wheeljack was especially craptastic in the last movie. An Einstein robot? Really? The writers of the Transformers script really tried to appeal to the most common of...
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    Transformers 4 Will Star New Transformers

    The one thing I never understand is when you have such an enormous choice of readymade characters, they try to design new ones and those mostly always fail. Anyway, I am not saying that I don't get their logica when it comes to new characters, but why would you completely dump one of the...
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    Transformers 4 Will Star New Transformers

    Maybe this has to do with the fact that if you already launched a Transformers action figure two times prior for each movie, most kids will already OWN an Optimus Prime figure and will want something else. No matter how good/bad your movies are, not many kids will buy the same action figure twice.
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    Senior EVE Online Community Member Killed in Libya Riot

    You are right about the dark ages, Islam is having that right now. Islam is the youngest of the major religions and is thusly very insecure of it's place in the world. Which results in madmen who pick up their swords in Allah's name. Kinda like the Christians during the medieval times. It's...
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    EA's Facebook tagged with hentai...(and other things)

    *click link* "This page is currently not available." Hah, I am guessing all those terabytes of porn made them run out of tissues and hand-cream, as soon as they are done running to the grocerystore, the page will be online again.
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    Terraria Goes to Consoles, PC Gamers Go Nuts

    Is it a helicopter?
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    Gamer "Inflation." Everyone is a "Gamer" now.

    I am not a gamer because I play games, nor am I a booker because I read books and I am not a fitnesser because I go to the gym a couple of times a week. Gaming is a hobby of mine, and I have had this gaming hobby ever since I bought my first Nintendo Game & Watch in 1985. Thanks to the massive...
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    Security Guard kicks ass and takes name.

    I agree 100% with you, all that I was saying that it's hard to keep these kind of debates out. Same reason why you can't make a post that only has the slightest connection to religion, because that ends up in a flamewar as well. I just like to believe that a few people are very 'passionate'...