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    Rolling Dice + 40k advice

    That roll was as likely as any other roll he could have done with that number of dice. It happens.
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    Watch Dogs......isnt terrible

    Like most of Ubisoft titles, it is a big meh, a big pile of mediocrity, while Ubisoft at E3 was hyping it as "the big next thing". I bought it at launch, but just stopped playing after a few hours. The combat is nothing special, the drving is atrocious, the story and protagonist are laughably...
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    Dragon Age Inquisition will have Microtransactions

    I was getting sort of hyped and forgetting about my post DA2 promise to not buy EA games anymore. Thankfully this news has reminded me not to buy DA3... err I mean, DA Inquisition.
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    Is Everyone a critic these days?

    It's just annoying when you're reading these comments, and people go "You like this game I hate, you must've been payed by the company because my opinion is absolute truth and 100% sacrosanct." or "You hate this game? lol knew you sucked as a reviewer."
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    Controversial Designer Matt Ward Leaves Games Workshop

    IIRC, there was some planet that had a convent of Sisters of Battle, and also some daemon of Khorne controlling an old (meaning insanely powerful) weapon, basically using nanites to fly in people through their pores, and making them go nuts. The Sisters were, thanks to their faith and all...
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    TotalBiscuit Takedown Notice

    Ugh, the worst thing that'll come out of this is TB getting money and continuing his boring shtick. At least Yathzee is actually funny. I cringe whenever TB starts showing a game and spend 20min in the options screen.
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    No Right Answer: Videogame That Should be an MMO

    This, this, so much this. I was so disappointed when it turned out there wouldn't be a KotoR3, but instead a boring mmorpg. Same with Warhammer online. It's a very large universe with great lore, it would be so simple to make a great RPG out of it. Instead, lame mmorpg. Gods.
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    8 Pictures of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan Frolicking

    It's for their version of the play Waiting for Godot, where I assume they're going to play Vladimir and Estragon. Why is the escapist is posting these pictures now? Most of them I've seen months and months ago.
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    Escapist Podcast: 113: Watch_Dogs Delayed

    I liked the content, I just wished this Schuyler guy would stop that annoying insane laugh every 10 seconds.
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    Lost Planet 3 Review

    I have to second this and add, I really liked the small touches in the story-telling - your wife's video messages, picture in your rig cockpit,...
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    Whore of the Orient Title Deemed Racist by City Councilor

    Errr. Aren't historians allowed to call a certain period European history when the main Mediterranean culture started getting influenced by Eastern cultures, "the oriental period" as well? This is confusing. I already found "African-American" hard to understand.
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    The Total War: Rome 2 Thread

    Total War's launch bugs are pretty spectacular. So many people, me included, could barely play Empire total war even 2 months in.
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    Deathwing Brings FPS Action To Games Workshop's Space Hulk

    I'm always amazed so many people are under the impression GW rips off Blizzard all the time, considering starcraft and warcraft exist because Blizzard tried and failed to get a license from GW to produce their games, so made their own versions (no resemblance at all between marines and space...
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    New York...?

    You mean, like Paris, London,...?
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    Lords of the Fallen Trailer Shows Proper Warhammer Etiquette

    Funnily enough, reading the title I thought it was going to be about Warhammer as well, but I was getting my hopes up! Yeah the hammer looked like something a warrior priest would carry. Massive shoulderpads aren't really that common for mere human mortals in Fantasy though, that seems to be...