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    Doctor Who: Episode 12: The Pandorica Opens (Spoilers)

    I would add this one... "What type of starships?" "......PREPARE TO DESCEND FROM OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRBBBIIITTTTTT" "DOCTOOOOOR...... Those are Daleks!"
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    Poll: PS2 10th anniversary celebration! Top 10 PS2 games to date and more!

    Thats 10,000 freaking words dude! you spent FAAARRRR too long off your ps2 :D
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    Mock The Week

    Topic: Things that would change the mood at a dinner party Hugh Dennis: Don't worry, there's no need to say grace. We just sacrifice a child to the great lord IMHOTEP!
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    Most Anticipated game of 2010

    W-w-what? They're ALREADY making AA2?
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    Developer Leaks Own Game to Pirates

    WAIT A SECOND! Posting stuff to a torrent site is completely legal, and completely legal to download, as long as the uploader has copyright over said files. So this is NOT piracy. He's just made his game legally free.
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    Are you a virus?

    Urm, no. I've worked part time at a tech support company, and all the time we'd get PCs which had been crippled by viruses hidden in innocent attachments sent by the users friends. Viruses can be hidden in nearly anything now, and they can add a single line of code to a file, which you send...
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    Where will you be when the apocalypse comes?

    TEH POWERZ OF THE INTERNETS WILL PR0TE3T UZ! But OT: I would be in my bunker. With my loved ones. And people with stunning shotgun skills.
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    Origin of your username.

    Been using this username since I was 7 years old.
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    If You Could Have 100 of Anything...

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What that guy said.
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    Poll: Of the people rushing out to play MW2, Who is actually legally old enough to play it?

    I'm 15. I have a debit card, so I just buy games on the 'net. Cheaper, and no-one asks for ID.
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    Windows 7, revolution or flop?

    I've been using the RC for several months now, and I think it's great. I don't think it's a revolution, more like everything that vista was supposed to be. (only faster and more pretty)
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    Poll: modern warfare 2, day 1 purchase?

    What are you on?
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    Why do some trick or treaters think they have a right to sweets on Halloween?

    Isn't that a little harsh? All bar one of the kids I know are perfectly polite, well-behaved and selfless. I was taking a bus with one of these kids (who I had been asked to look after), when she stood up and offered the seat I had gotten for her to a 90 year old woman who could barely walk...
  14. T house just got egged

    It doesn't happen to my house anymore. It USED to happen often, until I caught one of the buggers about to do it, egg in hand. I took his cell, called his mother (who was working a night shift and was even MORE pissed than I was) who swiftly drove over, screamed at him for 20 minutes louder...
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    Classic Half-Life Mod Gets Next-Gen Remake

    Looks very good, but my money is needed for the plethora of other AWESOME games coming out in the next month.