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    Biggest plot holes in games

    I believe that is intentional as they may very well address exactly what Mason was doing in the thirty years in a future game.Yes that is just my opinion no I don't have any solid evidence to back it up.
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    15 year old girl kills herself after persistent bullying

    Yes but flashing people while stupid and irresponsible is not a malicious act disseminating a picture that is clearly meant to be private to everyone in a direct attempt to humiliate and upset the person clearly is a malicious act not to mention that it kept happening over and over that does not...
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    Bizarrely Easy Boss Fights

    I don't know I found it quite hard to fight back while dying with laughter from the ridiculousness of the situation.
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    Contrary to Popular Belief

    Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't you the one that just said that people will get their hands on anything no matter how illegal it is yet you are suggesting they would never dare disobey the rules of a cinema? Yeah that makes sense. Also I apologise for arguing about gun control its a trap...
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    What do you know about Norway?

    Rampant alcoholism, a higher average wage than most other countries a judicial system that actually appears to work in the majority of cases.Overall its pretty much the best democracy in the world though I think South Korea could give it a run for its money.
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    Star Wars Detours.... I dont even....

    I was expecting to hate it but I thought the Admiral Ackbar bit was fucking funny and I think the animation is actually pretty good looking.
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    Gamers Statistics

    1:Mass Effect Series Jak and Daxter series Banjo Kazooie series(not including fucking nuts and bolts) 2:Male 3:19
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    what do you guys think about my idea for a 4th dark knight film [no spoilers in OP but cant promise]

    I'm forced to believe you have no Soul if you consider Kaley Cuoco ruined because of the Big Bang Theory.Then again I don't believe in souls.
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    I now know why everyone hates Metal Gear Solid: 2

    I didn't think people actually disliked MGS:2 I thought it was more Raiden they weren't keen on.One of my friends who is a Metal Gear Nut said that the game-play of 2 was some of the best in the series he just didn't like the protagonist.
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    Company of Heroes 2 Screens Emerge, who else is excited!?

    Hell yes I loved the first one though I have to say after opposing fronts the expansion packs where a bit rubbish.Can't wait to see the way the new snow mechanics affect Game play and of course the new bound to be awesome graphics.
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    Poll: EA vs Valve or "The hilariously short battle for a consumer base"

    Guess what? I can buy different games from different companies without my head exploding or spontaneously combusting its a magical power that a lot of people on here don't seem to possess. Also if I had to make a choice despite the ending of Mass Effect 3 that series is just too good to give up.
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    what do you guys think about my idea for a 4th dark knight film [no spoilers in OP but cant promise]

    She is pretty damn close to some of the comic book depictions of Poison Ivy if you throw in an overdoes of green.Also I find it extremely hard to argue with your reasoning behind choosing her for the role.
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    Recommend me some N64 Games

    Is Earthworm Jim on N64 I had it on Sega Mega Drive and thought that was the only platform it was released on?
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    Skyrim Hearth Fire DLC Leak

    Part of the reason for this DLC when there is already a mod, would be that there are a lot of people that have Skyrim on console and therefore can't use mods but can buy DLC so this will give them the option of creating their own house if they think its worth the price.
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    Recommend me some N64 Games

    Banjo Kazooie Banjo Tooie Conkers Bad Fur Day Army Men:Sarge's Heroes Space Station Silcon valley(absolutely nuts game) Mario Tennis(If you have someone to play it with) Star Wars Rogue Squadron Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Tonic Trouble(another nuts but fun game) Worms Armageddon