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    Your Favorite Game Soundtrack

    I've gotta say i freakin' love the music from the original Starcraft (the Terran songs) and the Metroid Prime games always sound good.
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    Your Top 10 FPS of all time

    I find this lack of Metroid Prime games disturbing... So my list goes like this: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Metroid Prime Duke Nukem 3D Halo Reach Tribes Ascend Left 4 Dead Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Turok Evolution Team Fortress 2 Bulletstorm Duke 3D and Turok are mostly there...
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    Diablo III: The best F2P game never made.

    Oh no! an optional feature! and it even requires me to have a good internet connection! what a bad game! Sorry, i just feel that complaining about the always online thing doesn't carry much weight, and you can use the normal auction house instead of the real money one. that doesn't seem...
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    Writing on the wall - A chance to be a part of Escapist history!

    If there is still room left i would like to be on this, any font is fine. Now back to lurking...
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    Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut ~ It's Official :O

    How the hell can they be proud of the ending in its current state? Breaking lots of promises, allowing major plot holes and all that illogical crap with the AI kid, that isn't something i would be proud of... The fans didn't want Bioware to explain the ending to them, they wanted...
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    BioWare Announces Post-Ending DLC for Mass Effect 3 [Updated!]

    I don't see how they can make sense of this terrible mess they have made... I thought people wanted the ending to not suck, unless this DLC is amazing i don't really see it helping much.
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    A Question About Origin

    Thanks for the help everybody. I'll purchase the games later today, although i am suddenly really worried that something will go wrong... meh.
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    A Question About Origin

    I recently decided i want the Mass Effect trilogy on Origin (i had the second game on my Xbox but its broken now) and i was wondering how the DLC is handled on Origin. Is it something i buy from inside the games? because i didn't see any of it from looking at ME2 on the Origin store. Also is...
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    i love *insert game here* BUT...

    Double post, sorry.
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    i love *insert game here* BUT...

    I love the Diablo games and i like the way 3 is going but everybody else seems to hate it for reasons that don't make sense to me.
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    The Terraria 1.1 Update has come out

    Me and my friends are waiting to play it, it adds so much!
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    Poll: Skyrim bugs

    I have a bug on the PC that stops me progressing with the main main quest, isn't that nice? When Alduin is supposed to show up at the cutscene bit on top of the mountain, he just doesn't and everbody stands there and i can't move or do anything. I was going to reinstall the game in a while...
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    Skyrim PC Requirements Revealed

    My friend told me the game using 6 GB of memory really isn't a lot, and he said that Bioshock took more space up. It's worrying me a bit, is he right or am i being lied to?
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    What race are you planing on playing in Skyrim

    I am gonna stick with a Nord warrior type guy, this will be the first elder scrolls game i've played so i'll just start by bashing things and see whats what.
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    "the tingles"

    The endings of both Mass Effect games gave me epic tingles, they are just so amazing.