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    Can you guess a game from a line of dialogue? (thread game)

    Nope. In the right genre though.
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    Can you guess a game from a line of dialogue? (thread game)

    Here's a line: "Fye you're itching for the kindling touch of your sister, ye coxfither."
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    Square Enix Confirms: No KH3, FF7 Remake This Year

    Well to put it bluntly, FFXV didn't get back on track until Squeenix gave Tetsuya Nomura the boot from the project and gave it to Hajime Tabata in 2013, so I would say blame the development hell Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFVII remake have been in for that.
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    Elite Dangerous is Rocketing onto PlayStation 4 in Q2 of 2017

    I only have this to say.
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    Lightning Models For Louis Vuitton's Final Fantasy Inspired Line

    Zing! Anyway, I would agree, why pick Lightning, I mean, even from a look perspective, she isn't even that interesting.
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    To Hell With Comments

    In some ways I can understand where Benjamin Croshaw is coming from. If one were to take just one glance at a random comment on something like a Youtube video, then yes odds are you'll find a comment from someone that by all rights shouldn't even be near a keyboard. However, sometimes you'll...
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    You have become the main character in the last game that you played.

    I guess that would make me a Torchic. That would be awkward to look like a small orange chick that spits out fire. It would also be weird when I start to go to my friend's house and be chased around by my best friend's Chihuahua/Jack Russel Mix. Although it would be karmatic backlash based on...
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    You are a Slasher Villain, What Do You Wear and How Do You Kill?

    I would dress in a cow-suit and my method of killing would be a cheese slicer. The one's that I would go after would be those belligerent PETA characters. I would call myself The Whey-Killer.
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    Poll: Lets pretend the government passes a law stating that you can't have a gun anymore...

    I simply wouldn't give up my guns if the law stated that I couldn't keep a firearm anymore. The reason why is because firearms are already deeply embedded in our society and to take away a law-abiding citizen's right to keep and maintain a firearm would result in a sharp increase in crime. The...
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    Why With All The Crying?

    With me, I would say that there is one song that makes me cry a little. Don't know why, but it does. It's the song Remember When by Alan Jackson. I truly don't know why, but it does.
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    The best book your school made you read?

    I would say my favorite is The Lord of The Flies. I loved that book because it touched on the discussion of what would happen if society was stripped away and the savagery that's in us all.
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    Poll: What was the best console of all time?

    I would say Gen 4 for me because the SNES was there along with the Genesis. I'm not saying I didn't like the later ones, but to me, it seemed that gaming was at it's best when it was primarily sprites and it was before Squaresoft became Square-Enix and focused primarily on Graphical Fidelity...
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    Favorite death scene in any medium?

    I have two which I love very much, and since I can't pick, I'll just say both of them. The first one is above, made me sad because Dinobot was one of my favorite characters in the series(other than Cheetor). The other one is Mordin Solus' death He...
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    Lightning Returns in a Shorter, More Action-Oriented Final Fantasy

    I don't think they should work on another branch off from FFXIII. I don't even think they should be making another Final Fantasy game for a while. Final Fantasy 13 was a lot of problems from the entire JRPG genre rolled up into one with a few more added. Stunningly bad story, cut-scenes that...
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    2K: New Genres Impossible Without Photorealism

    Yeah, claiming that photorealism is required in order to make a connection is flat-out dumb. To me, this person representing his company seems to be talking out of his ass. Even in movies there are ones that in which characters aren't what you call human, but we get an emotional connection to...