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    Moral complexity in games (bioware games in particular)

    only if theres more complexity in figuring out how to bang the chick, only reason i play those games. im so lonely
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    Best live show you've ever been to?

    Henry Rollins doing his spoken word stuff.. !!
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    Ben Heck Builds a PS3 Laptop

    so he can convert a home console into a laptop but he cant get a disc out of its case? hehehe
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    Fable 3 Teaser

    Looks like Tropico with elves, magic and Molyneux.
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    Borderlands Box Art... so what do you think?

    I have to say thats better than what I was expecting. I remember checking the game on IGN a few weeks ago and the box art they had there was pretty drab, being just the somewhat Crackdown-esque logo supersised on the box. May have been placeholder art though. As for this though, I have to say...
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    Poll: Chemistry. Hard?

    I find Organic Chemistry is easy, (my Dad is an organic research chemist) and that Electro Chemistry is pretty hard (redox, potential difference etc.) However, to have a chance at being good at either of them, you need a solid grounding in Stoichiometry, or the mathematical side of chemistry...
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    Your favorite voice actor

    Mark Meer anyone? Hes only done a few things, mostly for Bioware, (aside from comedy in Canada).. But I think he was pretty damn amazing as Male Shepard in Mass Effect. Big role too, with all the variable dialogue branches. He has my vote.
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    Far Cry 2 - Please tell me this game gets better soon...

    This sums up my initial thoughts on the game. While I was at first reluctant to pick the game up, I eventually came around and gave it a go. I really enjoyed the challenges presented on the hardcore difficulty, but it became a little easy once you got a sniper rifle. As for the overland travel...
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    Definition of a Race - An argument between friends

    Hello Escapists, my name is Cam and I'm a somewhat infrequent user of the Escapist website. This is my second forum post to the best of my knowledge. Anyway.. just an hour or so ago my and my best friend started a somewhat heated conversation over Steam chat that developed into a bit of an...