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    How well do you know the Escapist above you?

    I do not know who you are at all, even with the really high post count of yours.
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    Poll: am I the only one who likes rainy days?

    Nope. I love rain so much. I always look forward to overcast/rainy days and often go on walks when it drizzles or becomes steady but not too hard. Whenever I hear it, it calms me and when I feel it, the rain makes me feel refreshed in a way I can't exactly explain (not to the point where my...
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    Period of history you find the most interesting.

    For me, it would either have to be Medieval Europe or the late Industrial Age/Old Timey period in America (somewhere between 1890-1929). There's just something about those two time periods that seem so interesting; I can't really explain why exactly.
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    Adjusting Battlefield 3's Brightness Could Get You Banned

    Even with the possibility of people gaining some sort of sight advantage amongst others or something else, I don't see what the big deal is. Much better to have that mod substitute the washed-out and boring looking landscape present in the game.
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    Games you are ridicoulusly good at.

    The original Smash Bros. I have other games I'm pretty decent in, but I played the hell out of the N64 when I was little. I've recently found a few people at college who also still play it, and I am basically unstoppable amongst the group when we fight.
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    Annoying things people say

    Swag. Every single time I hear this abomination, it just grinds into my ear and puts me in a bitter mood. Just such a stupid word that means shit the way it's used now.
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    Post the last song you listened to.

    Here is what I've got. Been listening to it for a good while now.
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    Aspects about yourself that you simply hate

    How lazy I can sometimes be and how much of a massive procrastinator I am. Also my somewhat low self-esteem. I don't feel I'm very good looking.
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    Say something nice about or to the poster above you

    At least you can be able to read people's minds. And know what games they've recently played.
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    Ice Cream

    I enjoy any kind of ice cream that has some fix of chocolate in it. But this stuff right here is my favorite. Whenever I grab this at the store, I always devour it in only about 2 or 3 days. It's so good.
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    Dem feels again.

    Seems like you're letting stuff get to you too much. So many people are always going to act in such manners that you just explained, whether you like it or not. Just the way it is. Best thing you can do is to just brush it off or stay away from it. Those who act stubborn or like an asshole...
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    Dating Blindness

    No one can be a "lost cause" just because one has troubles in this type of scenario. It's just that kind of person will struggle more than usual to understand social interaction the right way. Also... I agree with this. Mainly because that describes the way I am when it comes to this...
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    How are you sleeping?

    I don't really have any problems with sleep at the moment. As of now, I usually go to bed at 1 or 1:30 A.M. and wake up at 9 or 10 o'clock. My sleeping schedule during college was a bit unruly I must say, so I'm glad I have some consistency in my sleep patterns again.
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    Songs heard way too many times.

    Pretty much anything "new" on the radio tends to get played way too much, especially under rock stations. I've volunteered at a radio station nearby where I live and the collection of music available was naturally astounding. There's no reason to keep playing the same 8-10 songs over and over...
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    Nintendo Admits Xbox Live and PSN Are Too Far Ahead

    At this point, it should not about besting the other two online networks. For them, they should just try to create a greater overall online experience compared to the previous Wii and not reproduce some of the features and attributes of the clunky, sub-par online that stemmed from it.