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    Last enemy you killed in Campaign/story mode is right outside your house.

    The Final Boss Fight In F***King Minecraft Well if i kill it i get a squishy egg :D oh and a ton of endermen...
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    Things you never got over?

    What Irritates to this DAY is that one of my friends (A girl used to have a crush on for a the first year in Middle school) During the middle of winter break in 8th grade she just went up.... And left to Europe She didn't tell anyone, it took me and my other friends to figure it out, Now she...
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    What would your secret codename be?

    The Katana Why? because, that's why
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    Worst. Weapon. Ever.

    the Gold Weapons in Minecraft i mean when i first played it i was minning found some gold and attacked some creepers with a gold swrod..... it ended with a explosion.... also the gernade launcher in L4D2 i mean sure it was a good weapon but it was extreamly hard to aim your screwd if you...
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    If you could exist in a game universe which would it be?

    Kingdom Of Hearts Universe Weilding a key-blade fighting monsters? i say Hell Yes
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    What bands have you seen live ?

    I saw Linkin Park when they were in Houston i had an eargasm
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    You have a useless "superpower"...

    The Ability to poop RAINBOWS NYAN CAT FOREVER!
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    Say Something Nice About Another Country

    Japan, Thank you for creating the best genre of music ever, J-pop Also for making some of the best Anime is the entire world, also for having Cute Women Also for being F-Ing AWESOME!
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    You have a useless "superpower"...

    The Ability to know the answer to any question with only a second's Delay Be an Ace on any quiz, Be an womanizer because i would know what women want and need :3 No College Degree needed, know how to perfectly replace a mans brain get any job i want by answers question near perfect and to...
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    What's your most annoying first world problem?

    Religious A-holes, every time i see one they push their Religion down your throat and every time i say I'm a Atheist they act like their entire world is crashing and they got a gift from god to convert me into their religion, -_- and when i see a Bi-sexual or gay person get attacked by them i...
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    Fallout: *Insert City Here*

    Fallout: San Antonio it would be awesome fighting ontop of the Alamo with a squad of friends and B.O.S Soldiers with Gauss Rifles and machine guns..... against super mutants and cenetours or fighting in Texas University of austin or the longhorns stadium
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    If you could have any non-combat superpower, which would it be?

    i would go with teleportation but then i remeber that scene from X-men:first class where that red guy grabs someone and teleports them into the sky and teleports away so i guess clonning? it not really combat if your weak so i can skip school while still gaining knowlage win win :D
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    Epic Rap Battles you would LOVE to see!

    Magneto VS Sailor Moon or Magneto Brotherhood vs Etzio altdetory's assasin creed or magneto vs Etzio :D
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    If you had nearly an unlimited supply of money...

    first i would pay every great scincetest to built a machine that makes you smarter and make them go into it (also Me) and make them find the truth to immortality after that i would built a big airship (the size of half of texas) equipet with B-2 bombers lasers and nukes and take over america...
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    What is the hardest country to invade?

    Costliest invasion:USA Bloodiest invasion:Either USA,China,or Russia USA:because of their high tech, atomic bomb, EMPS, and neurotonic Bombs, China: because of your law that requires all 18 year old boys to enlist in the army and go through a brutal training which they can DIE from and...