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    My Little Ponies Throw Down in Fan-Made Fighter

    Has anypony linked to Cutie Mark Clash, the MLPxStreetfighter crossover, yet? New chapter is out. Guile vs Vinyl Scratch, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy vs Billy and Hoops, and BigMac vs Zecora.
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    Escape to the Movies: Super 8

    That was actually the first time I've heard the Kung-POW joke. I'm sure I'll see a lot more of it though. Also, I thought something was wrong with my monitor with all that lens flare.
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    The Big Picture: Going Green: Part I

    I hope you mention in Part 2. that the Yellow Weakness ended with Kyle Rainer who got the proto-type not-weak-to-yellow ring that is now Corps standard.
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    Pony Science

    *sigh* OK then, let me give you the purpose of science in rather layman's terms. "Science is the belief that I live in a universe that follows a set of logical rules and that if I study and experiment enough I can understand those rules and apply them. There is no penalty for being wrong in...
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    Pony Science

    In one fan fiction, Dr. Hooves (the pony version of Dr. Who) notes that their society is set up in such a way that it really does require them working together to get a lot of basic things done. 'It's like your entire society was designed by kindergarten teachers. I love it.'
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    Trailers: Red Faction: Armageddon: Mr. Toots Unleashed

    I can't tell if this is real or troll.
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    Trailers: The Baconing Announcement

    Bacon makes everything better!
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    Student Exposes My Little Pony's Faulty Science

    Still not as awesome as Dark Mater Butterflies.
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    Student Exposes My Little Pony's Faulty Science

    My school had a similar project for AP Physics. Find a tv show/movie and point out the physcics problems in them, and why they are problems. The 'how to fix it' thing was not included, though Dark Mater butterflies make me giggle.
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    Student Exposes My Little Pony's Faulty Science

    Behind the curve. This was on Equestria Daily a week ago. And so is an article talking about this article and noting that this video is going a bit viral.
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    Schwarzenegger Drops Terminator, Governator Projects Indefinitely

    Well I was actually looking forward to the Governator; it looked like a 'so bad it's good' or 'it's a super-story lets do whatever the hell we want' type of show. Still, I agree with the choice to cancel it. While I won't hold the man's politics against him, everyone can have their own opinion...
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    Take Our Classic Disney Villain Quiz

    [img src="" alt="Jafar"][br] Jafar[br]Take this quiz Seriously, if everyone in the forum turns evil, all the Jafar's are going to waste all their time trying to outmaneuver each other.
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    The Big Picture: Skin Deep

    i am a huge AtLA fan, and I refused to watch the movie because of White 'Asians'. And this is before I learned the movie was BAD. I hated the racial swap in the DBZ movie before I learned it was bad. I was miffed about the Heimdal thing because I felt it was just there for political correctness...
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    Newell: Valve to Replace Single-Player With "Single-Player Plus"

    Hi,yeah, Gabe, do you know WHY my Dad only plays single player games, and why I prefer them as well? Because people are morons. I love games where I don't have to deal with a single other person if I don't want to. If I want to bother with other people, then I use multiplayer games on purpose...
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    Critical Miss: Mass Effect 3

    Except for a lack of Ezo, scanning was actually kind of fun. I don't get why so many people act like it's the worst thing ever.