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    Behold The (Possible) Steampunk Origin of Darth Vader

    How would george lucas have known about two rescue masks that were from Europe and over a century old?
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    Review: Epic Mickey

    Why'd you give it 3/5 stars? You spend the whole review talking about how it isn't fun at all.
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    3DS Software Lineup Trailer Might Justify the Price Tag

    That doesn't sound very exciting to me, the majority of those games are remakes. What's the appeal?
  4. Z Closes its Digital Doors

    This is why I hate digital distribution
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    Question of the Day, September 6, 2010

    These choices suck. I'm gonna go with Final Fantasy, since it was the first good JRPG
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    Escape to the Movies: The Expendables

    Moviebob in his transformers 2 review: You can make a good movie out of anything Moviebob in his expendables review: If you think this concept could be cool you're a terrible person Never change, bob.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Expendables

    You hit the nail on the head. Most people experience something and form an opinion on it, moviebob forms an opinion on something and experiences it. He'd hate the expendables regardless of quality, because it beat out one of his favorite films and he's decided that he hates it(See also: the...
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    So I don't like Mass Effect

    I enjoyed it, but almost all the criticisms people throw at are true. Average game. 2 was a big improvement, so you still might want to check that one out.
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    Saints Row 3: What do you want to see?

    A 30's mobster voice
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    Deus Ex 3 Team Didn't Get it at First, Says Director

    Well, no matter how much player agency costs, it's worth it.
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    Epic Mickey: Warren Spector's Epic Gamble

    What the hell are you talking about?
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    Zero Punctuation: Red Dead Redemption

    RDR was pretty badly written IMO, like those riding conversations John: That's despicable. everyfuckingone: That's funny coming from a KILLER/BANDIT/RAPIST/FARMER Every god damn conversation in the first section.
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    The Final Fantasy VII Remake is a Fantasy

    I think people want an FFVII remake so much because they realize just how far Square has fallen since then.
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    Review: Alan Wake

    It doesn't matter how long the game spent in development, why do you keep bringing that up?
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    Review: Alan Wake

    I don't see any reference to the game's length in the review. I've heard people say the game clocks in at around twelve hours, which is at least decent. And the free DLC should add an hour or two on top of that(I'm not a fan of DLC, but if you spend $60 on Alan Wake you are getting it). Also...