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    Poll: Do you like Moviebob's material?

    I was kinda OK with him, until the following: - The Expendables (his utmost hate for it, and skewed stats he used to claim it did the best in the office). - Scott Pilgrim (his utmost love for it, and skewed stats he used to claim it did the worst in the office without waiting a month). -...
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    Movie Reviewers that you would recommend?

    I would like to know if anyone has recommendations of Movie Reviewers that I could watch, to keep myself updated with the latest movies and how they rate (and by rate, I mean a nice long review that explains stuff, not a 5 minute rant with a number). An example of a channel/group I like is...
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    You are DragonBorn (In Modern Times)

    Fix the world, even if people will end up seeing me as a arsehole who has power.
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    Tales from the Table: Chapter 16: A Tale of a Robot

    Skyrim and Star Wars references in a Monthy Python segment? Color me impressed.
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    Just why is PC gaming the master race?

    Normal Maps and Material ID's, 'nuff said.
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    We Can Still Do More With Xbox 360, Says Bleszinski

    Sad thing is, the current tech is still muddy at best, the amount of time guys spend 'fixing' stuff to accommodate a game engine is head-spinning. If you ever enter the game industry, Unreal Engine is the perfect example of a game engine that was created with such rigid set of tools, that it...
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    We Can Still Do More With Xbox 360, Says Bleszinski

    Code magic? Time? Effort? Once again, this shows me that once you make 'lead' of your studio, you start losing the touch with your peers and coworkers. Normal Maps (10 year method from Doom3) still have issues in current tech. They're muddy, require high runtimes, and aren't as 'optimized'...
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    Movember - Social Interaction - Help

    Itch is the answer, can't get past the 6 day mark without scratching it every 10 seconds. So I'm guessing I have to endure it till my beard stop poking me in the background? Also, thanks for the extra info. I did not see that one coming, ha! Ah yes, that makes more sense. I tend to use...
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    Movember - Social Interaction - Help

    Hey to all, (Backstory) I was wondering if the good folks over here could lend me a hand for some things which are coming up (apologize if the thread is the wrong section, couldn't decide between General or Advice section). I will be having a small meetup with a couple of friends and...
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    Dynasty Warriors for PC - Anyone have clues which one to get?

    Yeah, yeah, I was inspired by Jim. Anyhow, the last version of DW which I played ages ago was on my PS2, and one of the first games I had was DW to keep me company when games on the PS2 were dry. Long story short, I want to play it again because I remember it was so much fun. Anyone...
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    My friend thinks I'm stupid for choosing Arkham City over Battlefield 3

    Clearly you guys have some sexual tension between you two that needs solving. I say, have a nice big sweaty tumble with him, and give him a good one, and that should solve all the issues. Who knows, he might let you even play with his Carbine later on, and him with your Batarang once the...
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    Poll: Do you think this is sexist?

    The problem is not the sexism, but the fact that you corrected her on such a meaningless term almost on the spot from what I gathered. If you said "Cool, as long as the landlady is fine with this, I will get started tomorrow" would have been much better then "Oh, you mean landylady" on the...
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    Piracy discussion - too moral oriented?

    Don't buy the game, and wait for a price drop down the line a couple of years? Honestly, it's not that hard to have some self control. It's not food.
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    What happened to Varied enemies?

    Normal Maps happened.
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    Make me bawww

    Mass Effect 2: Overlord, if you don't want to spike the cash for it, look it up on youtube.