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    Nobody likes me, I hate myself

    I've gone through something similar to this a few years ago, i was fighting the fact that i was gay and hating myself constantly for being what i considered to be wrong. until i looked at myself one day in the mirror and said to myself out loud, this shit has to stop. I got my hair cut short, i...
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    The Victims of Homosexuality

    I guess that i'm not exactly helping my hopes for equality if i hate anyone, no matter who it is i am slowing the dreams of true equality that I and many other people on the internet stand for. thanks
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    The Victims of Homosexuality

    If something i said makes people think that i'm as bad as the very haters that i despise, then let me say something: I picture a world of equality (like i said above) and haters are basically the main object in the way, as kriptonie realized above, it's not split into specific groups, i...
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    The Victims of Homosexuality

    we could spend all day arguing who is right, but ultimately, it comes down to where you live, my hometown is not the best place in the world for gays to be, but there is plenty of places where gays are equals. It all comes down to where you are in the world and how liberal the people are.
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    The Victims of Homosexuality

    Actually, there are places devoted to straights, straight culture etc, it's called everywhere! What you don't seem to realize is that even though it is 2012, people are still hated, assaulted, abused, even killed over being "Gay" Also, i would imagine that it's pretty damn traumatic to...
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    The dark tower: a RP

    Sure, consider it done
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    The dark tower: a RP

    I'm hoping to blend the numbers in a subtle way into the text, and allow the players options about dropping in and out, and I'll have a summarized set of data for all characters to allow people to find out about the story and teammates. People will be able to join, but it may be difficult for...
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    The dark tower: a RP

    This is a role play on the escapist, private message me to be counted as a player. I am going to keep the amount of players small in order to provide a better experience for those that do wish to play. At most, there will be up to 15 people. The land of a thousand palaces was once a peaceful...
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    Your 100 + hour single player games!

    Deus ex Deus ex human revolution Pokemon red Pokemon gold Skyrim Oblivion7 Morrowind Fallout 3 Fallout new vegas final fantasy VII final fantasy X Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 Resident evil 4 Yeah... I play too many games.
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    people's dream games

    I would be interested to hear what the gaming community in general think are good games and what would people like to see in a game.
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    Poll: Horror games, where do you think they should go?

    i chose to classify them under corridor horror, because they are quite similar but due to a couple of complaints I have give them a category to themselves
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    Poll: Horror games, where do you think they should go?

    I am a big fan of horror, be it books, films, games, I can't get enough, and I'm wondering what the gaming community likes from it's horror, if you have any ideas for other types of horror or ideas for horror games, write it below. I would like this to show developers how many people enjoy...
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    Halo needs to move away from Spartans if it wants to survive

    The thing with the Spartans was that halo needed something to grab peoples attention, and to bring in a new fan-base of people to try out there brand new game. The universe is very finely crafted, but the majority of it comes from the expanded universe novels, rather than the actual games. Halo...
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    Is Chell the new Samus?

    its because he played it on xbox there was a version released on xbox live called portal still alive it came with extra challenge rooms and things for people who had finished portal and were willing to pay 1200 ms points in order to get portal but witha few more maps. needless to say i got it