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    Russian Roulette Comes To Kinect

    I would love to see a Wii version of russian roulette pop up. I can imagine the amount of sick glee I'd get as I blow my Mii's head off...
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    I know what you mean. I cried when I finished it (yeah, I'm man enough to admit it) because I realized that there wasn't any more. Thankfully Katawa+Crash was there to help alleviate the sadness a bit... I think I'll play through Emi's arc again tonight.
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    I suspect you might agree with me after you play through everyone's arcs. Although Emi's story is really well done, it doesn't seem to manipulate your emotions as much as the other ones do. However I'll agree that GOTY is a bit out there (but it doesn't hurt to dream!), and that yes, this game...
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    Deskimus Prime Skips A Beat with Katawa Shoujo

    Amazing review. I downloaded it the day it came out, and I haven't been able to tear myself away from it since...except to play Katawa+Crash (I got past 100,000m!) This game has done things for and to me that no other game has ever done, and the characters are just so well realized that I...
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    You just win. On a side note, I feel this game should be nominated for GOTY...then watch Fox News have a heyday with it when it (hopefully) wins.
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    Trailers: Resident Evil 6 - Official Trailer

    So I watched the preview a second time, and I noticed something: in the first bit of Leon's in-game footage, he was WALKING AND SHOOTING AT THE SAME TIME! Shame Capcom. Shame. How could you do that do us?
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    Download Demos To Your 3DS Starting Tomorrow

    Played the RE: Revelations demo. There were a few times where I freaked out and accidentally whip-lashed my top screen, which then in turn caused me to pause the game and inspect the hinges to make sure I didn't break anything (which was also a very scary and tense moment). It's a good demo...
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    Baffling Comparison Places Kindergarten Cop In Silent Hill

    It's only been 13 years! 13! There's no way I missed a decade of my life somewhere. Honestly, that comment scared me more than the game itself...
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    Trailers: ScaryGirl - Trailer

    I played this when it was a online browser game. I'm glad to see it's getting a full game treatment, and that they kept the same visual style. It was definitely one of the cooler-looking games I've played in recent years.
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    Team Meat "Doesn't F*cking Care" About Pirates

    I just played the game when it was a small online game [] that was free to begin with. So yeah.
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    If Optimus Prime was a _______, he'd be Optimus _______

    If Optimus Prime was bitten by a tick, he'd be Optimus Lyme. If Optimus Prime was salty, he'd be Optimus Brine. If Optimus Prime was a cocaine addict, he'd be Optimus Line. If Optimus Prime was a strict German, he'd be Optimus Nein! That's all I can think of for now.
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    You now have a Army of the last thing you killed in a videogame.

    I get an army of Metal Gear Rex. Hell yeah.
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    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Info Blowout

    I know it's probably over-said by now, but PHOENIX WRIGHT!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
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    Xcom Publisher: Strategy Games Are Not Contemporary

    I am a gamer, and no, I don't want more shooters. Just sayin'. EDIT: If they wanted to incorporate shooting into a strategy game, then why not go the way of Valkyria Chronicles?
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    Nathan Fillion Reminds Gamers of the Dangers of "Swamp Ass"

    Just with this and the "PG Porn" bit he did, this man is epic.