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    Gay Scene Cut From UK Torchwood

    (not just to you) I always find this argument interesting in regards to male nudity. If this had been two 'hawt' females, or some hot womans naked bum. Would it be just 'shoved in for shock value'? Thank about it for a sec.
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    Gay Scene Cut From UK Torchwood

    I'm...kinda amazed, and actually really impressed, that mano a mano uncensored is on US shores. Times really are changing. That's a good thing! Bravo to Starz! ^_^
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    The best and worst final boss?

    Best: MGS4 and Deadly Premonition (both for the sheer surreal and emotional impact of the fights) Worst: Fable 2 and 3 (I love Fable but *roar* those boss battles were horrid)
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    Poll: Would you rather sleep with Chell or Samus?

    Err.....can I... Choose GLaDOS? She does have 'cake'. *ahem*
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    Poll: Which do you prefer: Minecraft or Terraria?

    I like both. However I do like Minecraft a little bit more because it's just so cute! ^_^
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    Microsoft: We Lost Our Way With Recent Halo Games

    I really don't understand the appeal of Master Chief. Really he has no personality at all....and I mean that literally...he has no emotive quality. Hell we cant even see his face so we have no real basis for his emotions or reactions. He's just a prop to shoot the fancy guns. I can't see...
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    Poll: Oblivion or Fallout?

    I can't choose! I love both those games. >_<
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    Who Can Beat Alex Mercer?

    Kerafyrm - The Sleeper&#8206; of EQ1 lore.
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    Poll: Witcher or Oblivion?

    Yes that as well! Like I said Dragon Age made the idea of oppressed elves interesting, but most of the time it's just not written very well or it's just a stage set for the big hero bagging a ton of female elves (can we stop that fantasy writers...please >_>)...and making them an analogy for...
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    Poll: Witcher or Oblivion?

    To me Dragon Age kind of pulled off the premise in a way that was interesting, and offered hope. I didn't get so much from The Witcher. I know it's silly to care about a fictional races treatment in a story as I do but...I dunno I just do. Like how some pole don't like reading stories with...
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    Poll: Witcher or Oblivion?

    Aye. Also to elaborate I have always always felt sorry for elven men the most. It seems like equal or not elven men are either cannon fodder or on the sidelines...and every single elven female in existence wants to ride the human man train. I know most of it is 'nerd fantasy' but
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    Poll: Witcher or Oblivion?

    Well yes true. However why is it lately they are always getting the sort end of the stick? Why is it wrong for me to kinda not 'like' that trend in fantasy story telling.
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    Poll: Witcher or Oblivion?

    I know it's weird...I'm weird. >_< (more of a rambling than a clear answer..I find it hard to explain really) It's just always rubbed me the wrong way with fiction and games that marginalize elves. I've always found that most of those stores have a more "Rwar human males are the best."...
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    Poll: Witcher or Oblivion?

    I dunno what to say. I've just always had that kind of preference. Really I don't know what else I can say. That's my opinion on why I like...what I like. May seem silly to you but...I dunno...That's just me. o_O
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    Poll: Witcher or Oblivion?

    I have a love/hate with Dragon Age due to my soft spot for Bioware. Dragon age didn't seem as bad as the Witcher, really in terms of there being at least a glimmer of hope, for the elves in that world, and the Dalish kicked ass. However may I ask you. Why does it bug you so much that the...