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    Needing a New Headset

    My trusty old Turtle Beach X12s have started the fail me recently, so it looks like I need a new headset for PC Gaming and whatnot. A few that I've looked into so far are is the Roccat Kave, the Corsair Vengeance 1500 and the Plantronics Gamecom 780. I'm looking for a headset with...
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    Keyboard Dilemma

    Currently looking for a new mechanical keyboard and at the moment, I'm torn between a few different options. At the moment, I'm debating between Cherry MX Browns, Reds or Blacks. My computer is used equally for gaming(FPS, MMOs and MOBAs) and programming. I've been eying up the Thermaltake...
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    Saddest Cutscenes (HUGE spoilers!)

    Quick question? Have you ever played a Gears game and, if so, become invested in it or did you just brush it off as another over-the-top action game? If your answer is the latter then of course you won't find it heart-wrenching. That's like how I don't find Dumbledore's death upsetting whereas...
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    Looking for a new MMO

    City of Heroes goes F2P soon. I'd highly recommend it. Much different to WoW if you're looking for a change of pace.
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    Your superhero name!

    The White Pillow! Fear me, plebs!
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    Great, have to wait for the Craftbukkit guys to release a compatible version now. On the other hand, 1.8 looks pretty sweet.
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    Tales from the Table: Chapter 12: A Tale of a Princess and an Elf

    There is a plot. There's the whole thing with Crysen in the DnD realm and then there's the characters' random real-life events. A perfect portrayal of a group of DnD players.
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    Tales from the Table: Chapter 12: A Tale of a Princess and an Elf

    It makes sense for him to play all the roles because that's what a real DM does. Besides, he plays each role brilliantly, like the crazy dude at the end.
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    Dungeons and Dragons.

    Ignore purists who flame 4th Edition and just find the Edition that suits you the most. Do a bit of research on them. Also, like what Kingcom said in the first post, establish your aims for running the campaign. What do YOU want out of it? (Pro Tip: If you (the DM) isn't having fun, don't...
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    PAX Prime 2011 Cosplay Gallery

    Challenge accepted. The DA2 Cosplay was really well done.
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    Calling all fans of Europa Universalis III! The mod to end all mods!

    Sounds awesome! I think I'll reinstall UE III and give this a whirl.
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    Poll: Is It Weird When Men Love Cats?

    The way that the cat on the left is just sitting down is one of the most adorable things I've seen in quite a while! OT: I love cats, and it really gets on my nerves when someone bashes cats. I understand if you're allergic, but when people pull the whole "cats don't really like you" thing I...
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    Weirdest/Most Horrible Ways You've Been Woken Up.

    My friend rubbing his bare ass on my face... Don't ask... I don't even know...
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    Trailers: Armored Core V - Team Gameplay Video

    This is doomed to fail with PUGs, but if you can scrounge up a regular people you play with it seems like it could be pretty damn amazing. I remember BF2142 had something like this and it was damn awesome.
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    Awesome moments in multiplayer gaming

    Bad Company 2: Rush on Oasis. It was the second set of M-Comms in the small village in front of the field of tall grass. I was playing a medic while most of our team was playing assault and Engies. We had a M1-Abrahms parked on the hill to the right keeping the Attackers suppressed while their...