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    E3 2017 thread

    Has there been any AAA NEW IPs announced so far or are we seeing nothing but sequels, spin-offs, DLCs, and reboots from big companies?
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    GTA Vice City is so bloody annoying and tedious!

    I can't really comment on GTAIV on PC as I barely played the game, it just never hooked me, but GTA:V runs great on PC, at least for me, I've never had a crash, a bug, a control issue, and the game looks amazing, definitely a much better experience than I had playing it on PS3. I am playing with...
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    Games with surprise second acts!

    While I already mentioned Chrono Trigger, the real impetus for this thread belongs to the Dragon Quest series which has pulled it off a number of times:
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    GTA Vice City is so bloody annoying and tedious!

    You do get a lot of money later in the game, but there's a decent amount to spend it on with Property Assets and Safe Houses, granted you play much beyond the main story and you'll end up with all of those plus several million bankrolled. I think that's why later games added so many expensive...
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    Games with surprise second acts!

    To start with, I'll give a big shout out to Chrono Trigger which does a pretty good job of setting up a big bad, and setting up a potential climactic showdown to stop said big bad, only to throw you down a deeper rabbit hole. Let's not even mention those multiple endings...
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    Games with surprise second acts!

    IMMEDIATE AND INTENSE SPOILER WARNING!!!: The very nature of even knowing this thread's intention and seeing a game title is potential enough to spoil something, so if you are averse to it at all, I'd sit this one out folks. Okay, so maybe it's not a "second act" per se, but many games have...
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    Bubsy's back. No, just no.

    I'm one of the few people in the world who actually kinda liked Bubsy though I sucked at it, and liked Bubsy 2 even more (mostly because I could at least suck at different levels with the stage select). It certainly wasn't great and will never make it in my lists of top ten anythings, but I do...
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    GTA Vice City is so bloody annoying and tedious!

    I am kind of afraid to go back and replay the game, I have such fond memories of it, but the nostalgia goggles are firmly on, I know it's probably a lot less fun than I remembered. I kinda wish they'd make a modern GTA game with a similar setting like Miami, or with a retro 80's neon kick to...
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    What Nintendo Franchise would you like to see return on The Switch?

    Yes, just as I realize that Sticker Star is also called Paper Mario. A name means nothing if you don't have the right content, Paper Mario is substantially different in playstyle and aesthetic from Super Mario RPG.
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    What Nintendo Franchise would you like to see return on The Switch?

    Super Mario RPG No, not Paper Mario No, not Mario & Luigi SUPER MARIO RPG!!! C'mon Nintendo, you all have a good working relationship with Square Enix now, cut through that minor yellow tape and make it happen!
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    Cheating to save time

    I prefer to play games where grinding is fun, I don't mind a grind as long as I don't hate doing it. That being said, I have in many games cheated "the system", but not so much outright performed a cheat (as in a code or debug command, etc.) Some examples I can think of: -Dumping a huge...
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    What can be done to improve the JRPG?

    Hate being late to these parties but... JRPGs are improving, and evolving, and becoming more varied. The trick is in finding them, they often get completely buried even within their own genres. There's people who have played every single Final Fantasy but never touched a Dragon Quest, tons of...
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    The Value of Replayability

    Replayability and Length are huge considerations for me. I often baffle my gaming peers because I was really long games and I want a lot of them. I often use sites like in helping me with purchasing choices between games, often going for the ones with long campaigns or...
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    Good games with awful/misleading marketing

    Earthbound... sold pretty crap in the United States at launch, went on to become one of the most popular not-so-hidden hidden gems that collectors seek out for the system, original copies fetching upwards of $200. The original marketing campaign actually contained the words "This game stinks"
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    Games that haven't aged well.

    Actually I find some of these games age better than many newer ones. Basically though it's the ones with fixed cameras that do the best. Legend of Mana still looks beautiful to me. Despite there being a much newer remake, Oddworld still looks great. Even Wild ARMs, Lunar, Suikoden, and all of...