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    Characters Who Never Talk, Then Suddenly Do

    alot of the games i played were back in the day so now they almost all have voices now, well only the main characters do. except Link, and the non "important" characters in any Final Fantasy game 9 and down, except 7 since you know its get all the love. to be seriously honest? i prefer silent...
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    Aversion to Children

    alot of people dont want children now a days, life is too important to deal with drooling screaming alien looking babies to some people. including me. i totally understand the pregnant body is disturbing as well, i dont find it beautiful at all, very much the opposite. the bloated belly, the...
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    Poll: Which Would You Rather See In The Future?

    i went for discovering life on another planet because that'll completely ruin every religion and with it all the hate and anger in the world :D then we can finally become better humans and live happily ever after. divorce rates would just disappear because the religious coupling wouldn't...
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    What's the most expensive thing you've bought?

    a $1400 Desktop computer i bought after saving for a long time when i was 19. i've had it for 6 years now. i upgrade it when it needs it and this PC is still perfect for me :D i've have this PC for many more years to come.
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    Strange insecurities

    its totally random but but closets and cupboards always need to be closed. if ones open or ajar i need to close it. i dont know why i feel so insecure when cupboards are open though. everything is organized and in its place so nothing would fall out and break.
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    If You Could Transform Into Any Mythological Creature...

    mythical creature eh? iight i'll bite. i'd transform into God. then i since i rule over everything i could transform into anything i want, when i want and no rules could stop me. so huzzah. the first thing i'd transform after i was God would be a dragon. so i can burn buildings, and grab...
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    Common skills you can't do.

    any form of mathematics, its a huge issue. i also have a hard time remembering names and faces, included street names and addresses. oy i have land marks EVERYWHERE
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    People who've never taken alcohol or drugs

    i dont drink, nor do drugs happily. firstly every alcohol drink i've ever tasted, including this chocolate stuff and coolers, are vile. just simply disgusting i'd rather have cough syrup thats equally as awful. people say " you get used to it " to me and i answer, why the fuck would i want...
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    Your sense of purpose?

    i sadly feel that i dont have a purpose. being a burden to society with my learning disabilities and fatness. i love science and biology but my brain refuses to learn any of it besides simpleton examples of science. its frustrating. i also love the outdoors and gardening but my feeble overweight...
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    Poll: Xbox one vs PS4? which had the best media campaign?

    even though i hate the gimmicks and bullshit Nintendo has been playing around these past years im going with Nintendo is the better console for GAMES yah Xbone and PS4 are stronger and prettier, but thats all they got going for them, i can barely tell the different from AC4 for the PS4 and...
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    Youtubers you like that don't make videos very often

    JonTron. i love his humor its so blunt and silly. a few years back he had a good episode every couple days, now a days he's showing up 3 months at a time. he has other group channels but i dont like them as much as when he reviews games with himself and Jacques(his bird). also DasBoSchitt. i...
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    Cutscene Hell

    Kingdom Hearts 2 was incredibly cutscene happy too and i hated it. i loved the first kingdom hearts. playing KH2 it was like " walk through a door, 3 minutes cutscene of people just talking" the cutscene pans to the next door. i walk through the door, cutscene. rinse and bloody repeat!
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    Poll: How amazing was blitzball.

    i think the only thing i liked about Final Fantasy X was the design of the Chocobos. they were just so freakin cute. oh yah, blitzball. i didnt understand the concept of how to play it so i bloody hated the mini game. then again i know absolutly shit all about soccer, underwater or not.
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    Zelda Producer: We Have to be More Careful With Zelda's Artstyle

    i sadly was one of the people who used to hate the Wind Waker style but i was also 13 years old and stupid. though i still really prefer realistic style graphics for Zelda games. It makes the games more dark and natural and serious. Wind waker was a really nice looking and feeling game all the...
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    Poll: Do Phobias Affect Your Gaming?

    i have a phobia of needles, and i have a really bad issue with eyes being damanged, wounded, pulled out. all those wonderful things. Dead Space 2, a scary but fun game with a NEEDLE IN EYE CUTSCENE YOU CANT GET AWAY FROM! i from this day can not get past that part and beat the game fully on...