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    Please help an old and starving gamer

    get yourself a Ps4 and play the last of us , youll thank me later
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    Poll: Was the Mass effect 3 ending that bad?

    Casey hudson drunk on his own power changed so much leading to people like mac walters to leave the company, and we have all see how bad bioware is now expecially with the trainwreck of andromeda which was supposed to save the Mass effect name
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    Overlooked Films

    Unthinkable, movies about Terrorism and ethics of torture with Samuel L Jackson and Carrie anne moss A must watch and saying more would be spoilers Predestination. Time travel done right, i will say no more because this great movie must be watched unspoiled.
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    The Villain Wins?

    The movie Unthinkable, Featuring samuel L jackson and Carrie anne Moss Dealing with torture and the ramifications of it. excellent movie where there is no real good or bad side.
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    MLP season 7 starts Saturday.

    does the dance of the doctor pony, and screams for baked goods
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    Cheating to save time

    Im sure we have all been in that point in a game where we dont relish the idea of 10 hours of grinding to get upto the necessary level required to kill the final boss or unlock every tech tree. or as we age and have families and commitments we have less free time for the grind in some games...
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    If our society had been historically dominated by women...

    how many times in history has a man done something to please or impress or becasue of a woman, and behind every great man is a woman, covertly women have influenced world affairs for as long as time began.
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    Scenes that make you go "Oh that's just wrong."

    Saw 2 the syringe pit first time i shuddered and said oh hellz no
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    Given the recent flops of attempts at reviving JRP. Who is to blame for disgracing JRPGs?

    i think its more the pull between staying on tradition like Dragon quest where the games are all essentially the same, or Final fantasy who seeks to innovate and bring new things which leads to the endless, " they changed it so now it sucks" and " its the same so it sucks" crowds...
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    Porn comics that you really enjoy for the story

    Oglaf i suppose could count as this. and to an extent, shokugeki no soma lotta ecchi but the cooking aspect of the show is really good
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    RPG Combat, what do you want?

    the style doesnt worry me all that much only that it works, and your not forced into play styles or paths you dont like otherwise you cant win, the fact skyrim had decent endgame archery made me happy.
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    Are there any real-life issues that fiction SHOULDN'T address?

    address everything because how can we grow without reflection discussion insight and clarity
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    Reccomend me DS games that don't require twitch reflexes.

    the Professor Layton series are an excellent puzzle story series
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    What is Your Favorite: Savory Snack From a Country You're Not From?

    wasabi seaweed and spicy tempura seaweed snacks from japan are a fav of mine
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    Ideas for a Death Battle opponent for Saitama

    someone talked about saitama vs the hulk, especially world buster level, would be something interesting, or i think cable from xmen where he can take somones energy and return it to him, if he could adsorb and rechannel the power of his punches would be interesting