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    The Defenestration of Erin Stout

    That,s what I am guessing, or you just don't fuck with Jesus
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    Critical Miss: Erin in Wonderland

    I thought that Alice was rehabilitated Scary Penny.
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    The last song you listened to is now your country's national anthem.

    America, fuck yeah! and I am from Canada...sounds about right.
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    You are proclaimed "Evil Overlord of Earth", what do you do first?

    This<youtube=ptRxrH1rVK8> Otherwise I would become a flamboyant tyrant with irrational laws. 1)I would create an army that is so obedient that they move like robots so they look amazing doing anything in unison. They would mainly be there to look awesome or beat the crap out of people who...
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    is anyone else playing as a Khajiit in Skyrim?!

    Are you saying that my rogue can't look pretty?
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    2011 Spike Video Game Award Nominees Announced

    Be honest all the money will be put in to building a giant GLaDOS. Unbelievable. You, *subject name here,* must be the pride of *subject hometown here.*
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    is anyone else playing as a Khajiit in Skyrim?!

    Beat me to it... I also play Khajiit I wanted to originally use bare fist combat but it has no upgrading system so I am usually an archer rouge.
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    It's Fucking Everywhere.

    A lot of that is not even people who watch the show It will be them posting what is said or people like you who just want to comlain. For example a big pony group on /b/ will only post in one thread(generally) to avoid cluttering /b/ with what they enjoy. Yes there may be some people who still...
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    If you could choose a single NPC to have a game built around them... who would you choose...

    Joey and his ratattat. It will introduce with them first meeting and the bond they grew. they will fight many perilous battles together celebrating victories and suffering losses as well as the bond they build on the way. Then Joey will meet a beautiful trainer and join her adventure. She will...
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    People whose names that seem there parents didn't think over

    Relevant [video] Edit: someone legally changed their name to rainbow dash. Not quite the same but close.
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    Main character deaths that would have fixed everything.

    You saved noone at Black Mesa (in fact i kill alot of people who helped me) and now you work for G-man. If this is still unacceptable kill off Atlas and P-body.
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    Main character deaths that would have fixed everything.

    TWILIGHT... wait a game?... Gordon Freeman He destroyed black mesa.
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    You have just been eatten by your Avatar!

    What is with this horrid infestation of ponies! and to answer your question: all you gotta do is take a cup of flour add it to the mix now just take something a little sweet not sour a bit of salt just a pinch eating humans is so much fun add a tasting of vanilla then you eat another...
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    Student Exposes My Little Pony's Faulty Science

    Proved in season 1 episode 15 feling pinkie keen... oh god what have I become.
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    Why did Warhammer mmo 'W.A.R.' never become big?

    I honestly love the game. The strong PvP feature and the world well made. I am wondering why it never became popular. Here is a link: a video: and gameplay vid...