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    That's a part of it's charm, when you advance a couple of levels and look at what you've become, you will feel extreme proudness for getting that far, tis' a long game indeed
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    Poll: Should 4chan be "hunted" down?

    It has over 9000 thousand penises that are all raping children.
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    Poll: Should 4chan be "hunted" down?

    Yes the internet needs an asshole but the bieber crusader kid is a troll himself tho, Love your avatar! <--------/b/tard
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    What kind of villain are you?

    1, crazed killer, you dont want to know really. 2, destroy the world, when i die i'm takin everyone with me 3,
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    Is your hometown known for anything?

    i am born in my nations capital man :D Stockholm Sweden man :D
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    Groups of people commenting you as you walk by.

    Happened to me in school a while ago, four dudes about my age where sitting in the lobby of my school, i walk down the stairs with 3 kids from my class, i myself am about 180 cm and a 100 k's (not all muscle though, im chubby) and my other friend is a boxer, so we were walking down the stairs...
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    Poll: So I am thinking of learning a fighting style...

    im pretty sure i didn't mention anyone beating Bruce Lee, i know how hellishly strong that man was. and if there is no way to study Jeet Kun Do you can not call it an martial art. then i would argue that it is more like a philosophy and if there is no way to LEARN Jeet kun do then i do not see...
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    Poll: So I am thinking of learning a fighting style...

    I just wanted to point out that he would probably be REALLY terrible att MMA since Jeet Kun Do is based on kicks and punches IE dont let the enemy get too close for comfort The beuty sp? of MMA is that if a certain person fights this way an accomplished Mixed Martial Artist would use...
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    What attracts you most about the gender you're interested in?

    BIG! Plump booty :D (and i'm not even black!
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    Embarrassing gaming-related facts about yourself (occasional spoilers?)

    Morrowinds opening music makes me cry.
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    Sweden: The Thread

    WHOOO LoopTroop i was beginning to think me and my bro were the only ones that liked them!
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    Sweden: The Thread

    As long as you're not hurting it you can do whatever you wish to an anmial, as long as you own or have permission from the owner.
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    Sweden: The Thread

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    Sweden: The Thread

    Yeah i know about that. You can't really blame ALL swedes for something a King (Gustav Vasa) did roughly 500 years ago can you?
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    Sweden: The Thread

    T I'm Swedish too :D Hej. Where do you live? I know there aren't a lot of hobos, but i've met alot of drug user (being one myself[Legalize it!]) so i kind wonder where you live. And the homophobia are mostly in the younger crowd as they're probably scared of being gay themseves or they are...