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    A question to all girl gamers...

    I always used to watch my brother and his friends play James Bond and Zelda, then when I started working at a pizza place there were a bunch of people going on about how awesome the 360 is... and then Gears of War came out and that was that, I got a taste and haven't stopped yet.
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    Are Humans Inherently Selfish?

    If you try hard enough you can twist anything to be self-serving - emotionally or otherwise... I think Phoebe and Joey from Friends tackled this one once. However even if an act is profitable in some way for a person, does that mean they're really doing it for themselves? I imagine a humble...
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    Naming Your Characters.

    I just call everything "Antelope"
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    Out of Sight Out of Mind (Mass Effect 2)

    keep in mind that some of this stuff may have developed in the two years that Shepard was being rebuilt. I can't recall though if there were time-lines given for things like The Blue Suns,, whether it's just like "They've been around for a couple years", which could just be the two, or "they've...
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    Out of Sight Out of Mind (Mass Effect 2)

    I agree wholeheartedly with this,, but if you think about it, you learn new things all the time, but still maintain the knowledge of the old, for example: Asari Justicars and the Genophage. Plus it's extremely important to introduce new concepts for the universe, it's not like we could learn...
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    Best 2D Worms (Game Series) PC Game

    Armageddon hands DOWN. I just can't seem to get tired of it :P
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    Mass Effect 2: The Drudgery of Scanning

    You guys are #*$&ing hilarious to watch. Cheveyo, thank you for asking the question that crossed my mind mere seconds before I read it :P It just furthered the comedy lol. It may have sucked to get stuck on the side of a mountain in the Mako for the umpteenth time, but jumping around in those...
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    Poll: Snipers?

    Nothing beats the sight of an enemy grubs head blowing off :D
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    Mass Effect 2: Hilarious, Random, or Infuriating Glitches

    I got stuck on top of an effing railing and had to reload from my checkpoint. It blew. It blew hard :(
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    EA Rickrolls Yahtzee

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    Have you ever met someone like this?

    I live with my make-the-day-better person :) I am a very happy camper.
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    music you don't understand but like anyway

    With all the pieces of the puzzle that is music, it's hard to rely solely on the language of the vocals as a defining factor, for me at least. So stuff like Rammstein, Ruoska, Orange Range, Asian Kung-fu Generation, Mozart, E Nomine, Finntroll, MC Solaar, Yasushi Ishii, Yuki Kajiura, etc.
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    Girlfriends and Gaming

    Oh. I like the "working hard" more than the "constantly sacrificing" one, personally. It makes me feel like less of a silly ***** :P Oh, and-- ...LAME. Tell her to get off her possible high horse and be a human that shows interest. Don't guys like knowing they've been singled out as the...