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    Porn and unrealistic expectations for men and women, and hentai

    This is definitely an unhealthy side effect. I watched a documentary on TV in Australia about the increase in labiaplasty in this country. There was lots of discussion about the porn industry and censorship and how this is contributing to this effect. In order to avoid their publications from...
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    Games that you've abandoned playing

    Shadow of the Colossus. I really liked that game though. The landscape was big and epic. The big monsters were awesome and felt huge, and there was enough puzzle element to the fights to make them interesting. I just felt kind of sorry for the monsters who seemed like they were just these...
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    would you humiliate your children?

    I disagree with this one. If your kid is having a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store then you deal with it there and then. Action must equal consequence, and particularly for small children that needs to happen quickly or they don't join the dots: ie: they come to the conclusion that...
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    When's it okay to dislike "special" people?

    Really? If someone near me said or did stupid things because he didn't like me and was being an asshole, then he's an asshole. If that person did it because the part of his brain that manages impulse control doesn't work due to a clearly obvious genetic malfunction he's not an asshole, he's an...
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    Regular Artists that draw porn.

    Well, it's not exactly drawing, but beloved children's author: Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory etc) also wrote some pretty saucy adult fiction.
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    Are any of you immigrants?

    Yep. Emigrated to Australia when I was 22. One of the best decisions of my life. It's a bit tough getting away from friends/family particularly at the start. The first few months I couldn't find work and it has hard. Stuck it out and have never looked back.
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    3 years later... what happened?

    Here's a triple stein cheers to you. I've been here a while, but without the impressive post count. Still I'm on here nearly every day. You guys sound like a bunch of old men siting on a porch complaining about the youth of today... You know what you need: a stick for whittling. And...
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    Poll: How do rich people become rich in the first place?

    Rich you say? If you are reading this on a computer, then you are almost certainly not shitting in a ditch and there's no cholera in your drinking water, then you're doing OK by world standards too. Hi five's all round. Let's have a go at defining "rich": Nearly a billion people don't...
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    I'm from New Zealand and few people outside of our little part of the world know much about the Maori language. Glad I'm not from this place though because you could never fit it on a passport:
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    Poll: are you are fat as you would like

    I'm sorry, I totally lost concentration once I started staring at the girl with the 30% figure. I think I'm around the 15-20% mark, I've got a bit of a six pack going which the wife is quite happy with, but no sticking out ribs like the dude in the 15% picture.
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    Forget the Friend Zone, it's OK to be attracted to a friend

    Why the age specification OP? I'm in my 30's with lots of female friends, some of whom I would love to plow till next july.
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    Losing Weight

    In my personal experience, diet worked much better than exercise. I can only talk from personal experience because every body is different and what works for some won't necessarily work for you. Anyway take what you will from my story... I was always a fit guy and played rugby fairly...
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    What Are Some Good Movies Where The GOOD GUY Fails?*

    There was a sci-fi show I remember watch as a kid (80s) called Blake's 7. It was set in the future about a bunch of rogues/smugglers taking on the evil federation.
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    Poll: Men and women being freinds

    I am slightly older and a marrie deven. I am a male and have many female friends who could be categorised into one of these groups (bear with me, I'm making this up as i go): 1) Long term sororal friends: (I had to google that - it's the opposite gender of 'fraternal', i.e: think of as a...
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    Poll: World War Three.

    How about a nice game of chess instead?