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    I Am Alive gameplay clip

    I'll give it a chance. Considering I only really play fighting games these days, it's doing something right. But seriously, this is no issue with the game itself, but why am I playing practically the same character archetype I've played in about a thousand other games? Were the developers...
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    Ultimate MVC 3 is Worth Every Penny.

    You're going to see a few threads from me tonight, a few things on my mind and I'd like to hear some thoughts. Now... Why are people complaining about Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3? I get it, Capcom are known for re-releases that can be excessive, but this is clearly not the same story...
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    Todd Howard, Skyrim Dev, thinks COD is 'hardcore'.

    If CoD is hardcore, what the fuck is Counter Strike? I got the rope right here.
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    What I find wrong with Jim Sterling

    Quite frankly, if you or anyone else is going to let blatant trolling cloud a lot of good points, then you have no one to blame but yourself. It's obvious he's being that obnoxious on purpose. If it's that much of an issue then fair enough, don't watch it. I watch it to hear what he has to...
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    An Introduction To Dubstep.

    Considering the listening habits of The Escapist, I'm surprised you've gotten anything so far. Be thankful. Anyway, some of my favourite tracks come from Mt. Eden Dubstep. They produce some good stuff. Since We're on a gaming site, I may as well start you with Lisa Miskovsky's Still Alive...
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    Opinions on picking up hitchhikers and giving money to homeless

    Well: 1) No I wouldn't pick you up. That has nothing to do with you as a person, it's more to do with picking up a complete stranger who could have any ill intentions that I don't know about. I keep thinking of that Simon Armitage poem every time I think of hitchhikers, but the other way...
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    Help me enjoy Metroid Prime

    Hey hey hey! Don't skip Metroid Prime 2! I thought you wanted a challenge? That gives you a challenge for sure! Plus it's still pretty good. To be honest after you play the second one, the third one is a bit more set-piece and boss heavy compared to the first two, it's quite interesting how far...
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    Help me enjoy Metroid Prime

    Play MP2, then come back to us with a bucketful of tears. That game was work. Seriously if you want to be challenged then play that game, on hard if possible. The thing is, it makes sense for an eight year old game that was universally praised to not live up to it's hype. I think just about...
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    Microsoft Not Jumping on the HD Remake Bandwagon

    The amount of money wasted (I can't even call it wasted because they're clearly going to recoup their losses) on HD remakes when these studios could be giving us a sequel or spin-off to that re-made game... I mean can you really get that lazy? I've given up on asking for something original, I...
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    Suggest me a SNES game

    Then you should enjoy the Fire Emblem series (4 and 5, and if you're nuts enough 1 2 and 3 because they're all great, but I'd recommend 4 and 5 first) and and Bahamut Lagoon, but trust me, they are punishingly difficult. But fun? Hell yes.
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    Games you wish existed

    Fucking Freedom Fighters 2. Why do IO and Ubisoft keep making so much shit and not enough FF2?
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    Suggest me a SNES game

    Indeed I do. As long as you see Terra and Steampunk, you've hit gold. Are you an SRPG or turn based Strategy fan by any chance?
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    What is the name of this song? (Please, please help)

    I agree with goldendriger (Beyblade reference?) where'd you hear it? Link?
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    Old tv/movies that you wish to see redone with some love

    Y'know what? While I liked Sliders, I always had this voice in the back of my head saying "well, you could be watching Quantum Leap, it's better". Shadow Raiders, Battle Planets. I want the CG redone, and I really need to thank my friend for finding out what the blessed thing was called...
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    Suggest me a SNES game

    Bahamut Lagoon Fire Emblem 4 and 5 Secret of Mana 1 and 2 Secret of the Stars Final Fantasy VI That'll be all from me, don't want to flood you with too much. If you're going to play 3 from those, pick FFVI, and Fire Emblem 4 and Bahamut Lagoon if you like strategy.