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    Magicka, get it now!

    It's really not that funny, it's actually just really sad. Someone who has medical problems because he is actually trying to make people happy is just depressing. I don't see how you find it funny.
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    Man arrested for trolling on Facebook

    Wow, you've really done your research, I've been reading your other responses on this thread and you seem to have this thing down. Just thought you should know :) Original Topic: While I believe strongly that this man should be punished for his crimes, and that any sentence he receives will...
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    Poll: Do you buy pre-owned games?

    I frequently buy preowned games when I can actually find them, I mostly buy from Steam or something. EB games sells pre-owned games for about half the price of new games, which means I can buy something for $40-$50 that was owned by someone else. This pretty much means, I can pay for something...
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    I've seen a lot of stories lately on the Police in the US. This is by far the worst.

    Notice how with any other job, such as a politician or a lawyer, or even a doctor, if you mess up big-time, once in your life it's pretty much over? Well why the hell is it different with police offices? The people we give pistols and dangerous weapons to, many of them have similar back stories...
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    Poll: Who is Gaming biggest douche?

    Lol I got that funny vision in my head of there being all these massive gaming corporations up there and then you see Peter Molyneux. Like all his wrongs are so large they exceed passed every other company xD Now I'm not really sure on this one, but I do believe you could add Riot, creators...
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    Are you a "nice guy"?

    lol it's never going to go away. I would think that I'm nice and courteous with minimal uncouth behavior for people my age, but that's not to say I can't joke about with friends. I will go out of my way to help people, with school work or with a social situation (which I'm god awful at)...
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    Will MW3 be the next CoD4

    They CAN focus on gameplay and balance, just because they have the capacity to do so does not necessarily mean they will. And I doubt it will be anything like CoD 4, however it doesn't matter how good or bad it is, as long as there are truckloads of people who keep buying these games they're...
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    David Cameron calls for all teens to do community service.

    Wow that's gotta suck, being forced to clean up after something you didn't do. I mean they make us do this at school every day, but I feel this is hardly the same. When a small minority fucks about they make everyone else clean up the mess... that just isn't right.
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    Poll: Yogscast

    Aw man, I feel like a minority now, but.... I love the yogscast :) I think their videos and pod casts are hilarious and entertaining. I even watch them play games that I would never touch, such as portal 2 and HoN. While people have called them unoriginal and boring, I disagree, but that's...
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    Say Something Nice About Another Country

    Thanks Germany for making learning your language really hard, no honestly. You also have some pretty cool names and foods.
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    Have you left WoW and if so why.

    Well I was still deeply in love with the game when I left, but unlike most people here, Blizzard didn't screw me over and I didn't get bored. I just simply couldn't afford it. It was at a time when my mum was paying for it but then she split with my dad and there was little money in the house...
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    Man Arrested For Trying to Split the Atom at Home

    lol that made me laugh. But I don't think that's why he was arrested xD Wow, good for this guy that he went and followed his dreams and inspirations... too bad they could potentially kill and/or harm himself and others. I do hope the police don't arrest him for too long, he should be let go...
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    Could you kill a person?

    I believe I could if it were to protect my family or friends, or to save another's life. But I don't know how I'd feel mentally about it, I believe I would convince myself into thinking it was for the best but still. However, even if you think you can't mentally, you more than likely could...
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    The protagonist of the last game you played wants too have sex with you.

    I was playing mine craft and since the protagonist is me I guess I'm just masturbating?
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    This "cod hate" is getting out of hand.

    Thanks, you said practically everything that I was going to say :) Well fallout new vegas and those other games weren't bashed because their predecessors weren't, MW2 was bashed, so copying it again with black ops is just silly, and then copying black ops with MW3 is even worse. It's like...