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    Making money with Diablo 3

    If there was only real money auction house then I could see this working. However community split between two auction houses will make it difficult or easier for those that can abuse it. Someone could get a good amount of cash from this or everyone that tries could lose everything. Just have to...
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    Mists of Pandaria Beta is Live!

    So glad I got a annual pass. Will be first WoW beta I will actually get into. Though I wonder how few people will get in traditional way of ticking on the beta things on account due to annual pass.
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    Assassin's Creed Revelations not working (Also DoPo giving away tokens apparently)

    I got one for 66% OFF Might and Magic Clash of Heroes. Which looking at who published it is also a ubisoft game.
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    Microsoft Patents "Gaming Helmet"

    A helmet would need to be adjustable for size by consumers easily such as with screwdrivers. Due to comfort would need to be achieved from wearing the helmet for extreme 10-12 hrs. If they don't make sure to make it comfortable it will never be success no matter how great it could be.
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    Would you pay to play Elder Scrolls MMO?

    MMO's are where series go to die. My favorite rts Warcraft III and it's expansion died and became WoW. One of favorite series on original xbox the knights of the old republic died and became TOR. I wouldn't pay to play a elder scrolls MMO because of what happens when a series becomes a MMO it is...
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    Rumour: Next Xbox console won't include disc drive, due in 2013

    I had issues with cartridges but never has one failed for me. Disc's have failed me time and time again with nearly half a dozen broken in just this generation. Though I wonder if this rumor holds true will next xbox be the cheapest? Will it be a true gaming console and not a frankenstein beast...
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    Mass Effect 3 ending SPOILERS!

    I think the issue with the endings are how abrupt they are. If bioware had taken time to make a quick slideshow of pictures of future, a decade or two at least then the endings would be better.
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    Day-One DLC Files Appear on Mass Effect 3 Discs

    I won't even buy ME3 if they make from Ashes free as damage control since this came out. DLC in form of disc locked content not downloadable content is worst. Granted I did not know of disc locked content on ME2 when I bought it last year, which I regret as would of not bought it if I had known...
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    Worst DLC.

    Deus ex: Human Revolution made DLC make me want to stop playing. It was code I got when I bought game. It gave me this nifty sniper rifle and shotgun but the problem was those items on first mission of game took insane amount of room. Going for a no kills run of the game I was stuck with two...
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    World of Warcraft to Give Away Level 80 Characters

    Blizzard starting with Cata seems to have been experimenting with WoW to a great deal. This could have them using WoW has a guinea pig due to Project Titan or that is not related at all. This seems like a bit pointless of a move though. If someone doesn't know how to play they will be putting...
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    My GOD, the Heroes of Newerth community is so bad. SO bad. But why?

    I have not played HoN but I have played LoL. Not sure if HoN has a ignore feature but that is what makes LoL bearable. Just ignore anyone that bothers you in the least and enjoy the game. If HoN doesn't have that than I don't know what to say.
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    What do YOU want to be the next evolution in gaming?

    The return of bots into games with couch multiplayer. Can't say how annoying it is that the few games that do have multiplayer you can play on couch lack bots. I remember perfect dark for n64 as one of funnest games of childhood. An that was because of wacky and crazy bots in it that one could...
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    New AssCreed 3 Details

    Why is George Washington Photoshopped into the first screenshot? There is another version without George Washington there and it's obvious he was Photoshopped in due to fact he looks like he was pasted on top of everything. With other screenshot everything looks like it was there in screenshot...
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    Image of Assassins Creed III's main character leaked

    I decided to go to the Wiki page for assassins creed series to check out this new character. It gives a reason why character looks native american. I'll put it in spoiler below so someone doesn't read it by accident.
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    Valve working on 'Steam Box' console

    This is worst news possible for gaming to hear. Heavy handed DRM of steam possibly making it's ways to consoles in full force would be worst thing ever. People would be up in arms if EA was doing this but because Valve they will ignore what they would otherwise be against. Plus people that...