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    Tears of joy

    I think laughing so hard you cried is reasonable, but tears of joy just don't make any sense at all to me.
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    Terraria Creator Confirms No New PC Content

    It would be really really hilarious if this new content was just like, a little hat for the player or a poster of a console controller you could put up on the wall. Then all this crap would have been over absolutely nothing.
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    Poll: Fellow Oldscapists!

    Woaaah, that's even less posts than me! I did like, 800 in 2009 and 200 now. :P
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    Old but gold - what are you playing?

    Destruction Derby Raw and Gran Turismo 2. I swear, I have no idea how I did all this crap when I was younger. I thought the games got easier when you get older.
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    Old posts you've made

    My first post. In a thread called "Things you regret saying". According to my memory, I was full of shit.
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    How do you lose weight?

    I hope for your sake that you DON'T actually have that high of a metabolism.
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    What are you escaping from?

    Right now it's exams. Soon it will be boredom like the rest of ya.
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    How you'll go...

    A public jigsaw trap, like in Saw 3D, where I win but end up having to die anyway.
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    Terms of Service: Wait, what did I agree on again?

    It's written in incomprehensible legalese. Dangerous stuff to play around with for us mortals.
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    Worst review I have seen in a long time (borderlands 2)

    I don't get that first part. Is he condemning the CoD crowd or recommending them? It looks like he generalizing the whole demographic and yet, supporting them as a result. Eh, it's all a bunch of crud anyway. You can find holes in anything. "Oh, Skyrim takes too long to get from one point to...
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    If you could take control of one forum user for a day

    I would control myself into being banned then I'd say "But it wasn't me! I was being controlled by some unknown user!" and then it'd be a free unban!
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    Flex Your Rights

    The court system has so many policies in place to protect things that it's left itself vulnerable. In Dirty Harry, a murderer gets away with killing people because he entered his house without a warrant. They know he killed those people, but "all the evidence is no good" because they didn't go...
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    What are you most looking forward to these days?

    Well, right now, it's the end of this blasted exam block.
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    Contrary to Popular Belief

    Money CAN buy you love. Money CAN buy you happiness.
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    What do you know about Norway?

    I know that it's people are called Norwegians and that people live there, but that's about it.