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    Poll: The TF2 Insult

    Let's just ignore the fact that you're being an elitist **** and generalising about people who won't have paid to play TF2 for ("we can't have those poor people playing our game, they'll ruin it", is pretty much what I'm hearing), and focus on these two points: 1) More...
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    What would you do to spice up FPS's these days?

    I'd invent loads of completely ridiculous weapons with amazing sound effects that satisfyingly tear enemies to shreds. None of that M4 Carbine bullshit; I'd actually ban all Assault Rifle-like weapons from being in the game. And I'd also make it ridiculously colourful,
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    Poll: What do you think of depression?

    Take heart in the fact that anyone who says that is a fucking moron. Everyone goes through the symptoms of depression at some point but the key difference between a clinical depression and just having a hard time is how long you're depressed. If your girlfriend leaves you and you feel like...
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    Which shooter has the best enemy A.I?

    F.E.A.R gets my vote, but I'm convinced that there's not been a single game that has 'smart' AI. It's all relative as far as I'm concerned.
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    Are you in a relationship?

    I think that both our respective girls were letting us down easy. Something I've never really understood - if you let someone down easy then they'll still hold onto hope. And in the long run that'll hurt them even more because they're constantly hung up over you instead of moving on because they...
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    Are you in a relationship?

    Nope. Haven't found the right girl. Nearly did, but then she decided to friend zone me, even though she remarked she would be 'happy' to go out with me. Oh well.
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    The Second Escapist Community?s Top 100 Games [Voting Closed]

    Metroid Prime Sonic 3 and Knuckles Homeworld Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Portal 2
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    Poll: A question for the Escapists from the U.K.

    My football club. I don't really care about the Queen at all.
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    So I just slept for 19 hours.

    21 hours straight. I was tired. Mind you, I typically sleep for 10 - 12 hours every night, for reasons I don't understand.
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    Call Of Duty Elite is here... here's what you'll be paying for

    "...features, such as stats, groups, and much more are free to everyone. The paid aspects haven't been announced." - Robert Bowling. So I guess it doesn't look too bad, I would never pay for stat tracking etc but unless they announce something crazy awesome I can't imagine myself ever paying...
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    Poll: Should Kids Be Allowed To Carry Guns?

    Fucking stupid idea. I wouldn't trust kids with anything, let alone a lethal weapon. Hell I don't think most adults can be trusted with a lethal weapon.
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    Hacker Group: "This is the beginning of the end for Sony", promises more hacks soon

    I don't like Sony, but must they bring them down this way? Also, some people need to calm down. They're dicks, but wishing torture and death upon them? Come on.
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    Poll: LA Noire, it isn't that great

    Nah, it's a great game. The story is really good, but it takes a while before it kicks off; at 4 hours in, you weren't particularly close. I love the way it actually make you think, and the fact it creates a very believeable and immersive world for you to get totally lost in - the great script...
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    Poll: do you like jimquisition?

    This exact thread was made four days ago. Where are the search bar trolls when you need them? OT: Yes, I find it entertaining, even though I don't really like Jim Sterling.
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    Overpopulation. Resources running out. What do we do about these things?

    I would say we stop having children, but then you have the Ageing Population problem. So no idea, besides just killing millions of people.