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    The Lost Lottery and Why We Want TV To Be Real

    I played the lost numbers and won $150. If i had known about the megaplier I wouldve won $600.
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    Your favorite game no-one ever heard about.

    Faxanadu for the NES. Truly epic game in the vein of Zelda II: The adventure of Link: Also Disaster Report for PS2:
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    Blizzard Offers Fix for StarCraft Computer-Melting Bug

    Thank You Blizzard. Here I was thinking I had a broken fan. Got 15 minutes through the third campaign mission and was sitting comfortably in backwater station waiting for transport when my computer cut off for overheating. Hopefully this will fix it.
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    257: The Worst (and Best) Videogame Cartoons I'm surprised no one mentioned Donkey Kong Country, if they even remember it. (I can't figure out how to show the video so just click the link)
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    DRM Systems and the Publishers Who Love Them

    All this complaint about DRM, let me put my two cents in. The most unobtrusive DRM is steam, pure and simple. My PC crashed and I lost my Orange Box disc. Got a new PC and was able to download everything and install it. Works great now. Patching games in the background is great, I don't...
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    You've Got The Touch, You've Got The Power! UPDATED!

    Heads up the Wii version of the song is free. I was able to download it about an hour ago without a problem.
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    Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars

    That opening was hilarious!
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    Your favorite game- for the STORY?

    Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. While MP1 had a great story in its own right, MP2 was simply amazing. The amount of detail put into the plot really made you feel for the characters.
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    Your favorite non-Final Fantasy Squaresoft game?

    Ummm......hate to break it to you but that "gradius type shmup" was in fact Einhander. And Einhander was my favorite PS1 game period.
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    Games Don't Need Movies

    Just to affirm the fact that games should not be movies, here is a fake movie trailer I made for a class... Elite Beat Agents: The Movie []
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    Which game would you most like to be the protaganist of?

    Megaman Zero.......nuff said
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    The Worst Video Game Plots

    what no one has said Super Smash Bros. Brawl? I mean come on, what in the world was going on during the subspace emissary? I mean it made no sense, but i suppose it was only there to allow all the characters to team up.
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    Games you secretly love, openly hate

    Final Fantasy VII. I always tell people that it is highly overrated (which i honestly believe) and that I laugh when Aeris died. Then I go home and play it over and over. Still not my favorite FF (that honor goes to VIII). But VII is a very close second. And I did shed a tear the first...
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    Cancelled games you wanted

    Sam & Max: Freelance Police [] True seasons 1 & 2 are awesome, but it would have been nice to see lucasarts go back to their roots instead of 50 million star wars games...
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    Games you loved then, but dislike now.

    I remember playing goldeneye with my friends and having so much fun. I went to boot it up the other day, and all i managed to do was annoy myself to the point i didn't wanna play the game anymore. Broken controls, hideous design choices, it has fallen into the bin of licensed crap in my book...