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    What is your deal breaker?

    If I were to answer in the broad sense just by reading the title of the post I would say poor spelling... But on topic: narcissism. I'm not talking a little self-centered (or even a lot), I'm talking about the kind of person who is so obsessed with their self that they can do no wrong...
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    Poll: Dubbed or Subbed?

    As it has been said by many before me, subbed is the way to go unless the dub is very well done like FMA Brotherhood. Even then, I was forced to the subs. Awesome story + Impatience to know what happens next > My discomfort over the Japanese voices sounding like those from Bleach mostly Just...
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    The undefeated video game Boss

    Whoever the number 2 ranked assassin in No More Heroes 2 is. That dumb slut with the 4 beam swords can kiss my ass with her cheapness...
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    How do you say Melee?

    May-Lay You know, because that's how it's pronounced in reality. You're entitled to your wrong pronunciation but it's still wrong.
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    "Bad Games" you want sequels for.

    Dragon Rage. A truly awful game but you get to play as a motherflipping dragon! I need more of that awesome sauce please
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    Poll: So I said COD was terrible, now my entire school shunned me

    Ok well I'm going to start by being a douche and saying that I don't believe Orange Box sucked, just the Half-Life part of it. Chew on that. To elaborate in a less jerk off way, I played Half-Life 2 many years after the fact and I can see why it, at the time, would've been viewed in the light...
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    Books you would hate to see turned into a movie

    Wheel of Time. First, it simply can't be done, the books are too long and detailed. Second, it would be shameful because it would die after the first movie because it sounds like LotR in the beginning. And third, there is just no way it could be good. The characters are too deeply written for...
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    Am I over-reacting?

    I'm not defending her actions but you did say she was drunk correct? That coupled with the newness of your relationship can cause a freak out of sorts with woman. The fear of that commitment can make them do stupid things especially when coupled with alcohol. While I don't believe you're...
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    At What Age Did You Lose Your Virginity?

    I'm going to have to guess that you sir have not had what I like to call "Da Good Sexxx" yet. Um, yeah, shakin' my bacon doesn't even compare to what she does to me. I mean, if I said I polished my door knob in a car, on top of a tower, or outside at a park, I'd get some pretty weird looks...
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    Pick your champion

    The title says it all, if you had to pick one character from video games to be your champion in a tournament where they could potentially be asked to destroy any other character from a video game, who would it be and why? Bear in mind, I said destroy, this means they don't necessarily have to...
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    Poll: Anime Subbed or dubbed?

    Truly, it depends on the show. One of my favorites, Bleach, I cannot stand to watch dubbed. It's so dumbed down and childish on top of mostly shitty voice acting. Death Note on the other hand, the dub was very well done with very good voice actors. You don't lose any of the shows maturity like...
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    The biggest Video game let down, of your life.

    Half Life 2 and Fallout 3 HL2 I played for the first time just recently, hated the shit out of it. So damn linear and I just couldn't make myself give a shit about the story. All I kept thinking was "Wow, they think I'm Jesus Christ. But I use a crowbar...". I played it out of context of it's...
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    This will blow your mind - Is this reality?

    This theory, the "matrix" theory, is Plato's "Allegory of the Cave". It's kind of interesting but if you choose to look into this thought track, stay away from post-modernistic thinking. It is so flawed and brutally stupid. Plato = good and thoughtful. Post-Modernism = stupid on stupid
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    most annoying commercials ever

    Funny you should say that. The reason the commercials don't say what it does is because they have scientifically tested "Head On" and guess what is does? Nothing. Scientifically proven to have no chemical effect on any part of the human body. And yet it makes money...
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    Games that have taken the most hours of your life away (apart from WoW!!)

    Of course there's a point in excluding the far and away top answer of something. Example: What is the one thing you couldn't live without? Most people asking this question I'm guessing will want to exclude air, water, and basic nourishment as those are obviously the top answers. My answer...