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    The WORST invention you've ever seen.

    No. its real. I paid 20 bucks for one. Best purchase ever.
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    Best digimon game?

    i own digimon world 2 and a working playstation 1. sooooooooooooo i play that on my psx emulator with framerate turned off. lets me play it at 2x speed. Making it playable.
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    X-Men: First Class Shows Off Its Cast in New Meet-and-Greet Trailers

    As a layman with only an intuitive understanding of physics everything in the banshee trailer made me cry.
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    your theory for the beginning of the world?

    Except for the part where it says there was water before their was light. Which is impossible, because H2O requires the whole O part. Fussion of light elements into oxygen would give off light. Light was one of the first things after the big bang. But if you ignore that, then sure, it...
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    Am I the only one to find Sucker Punch amazingly distasteful? Spoilers possibly

    You know, some women like their sexuality. And find great satisfaction and self worth in flaunting it. LIKE my girlfriend. She wanted to see it even more than i did. She connected with the girls in the film and came out of that movie feeling more badass about herself. So i guess its just a bad...
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    Mysterious nonexistent game?

    The only thing i can seem to find on it is a vague wiki that says its a conversion of Half Life 2. With a totally new story. Some kind of stealth noir game.
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    Daily Drop: Twinkies

    Have you ever tasted styrofoam? OT: BRING BACK THE CROWBAR FORESHADOWING!!!!
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    4Chan Helped FBI Prevent A School Shooting ... No, Really

    Lol. Like this []? Or maybe a bit more subtle. Anyways, funny post. OT: Go /b/. When a saad group of psychopaths join forces to fight the man, they do sometimes have members (one in a thousand) who do, in fact, have righteous hearts.
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    Poll: WHICH IS CUTER!!!!

    No, arguing with my girlfriend actually. Of course she wont give in to superior numbers.
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    Poll: The Overseer

    As a sort of psychological experiment, please select one of the options above. Your choice matters. And will be quite intriguing to me. So which choice did you make? Do you often feel a certain pull to a certain numerical or alphabetical multiple choice option? I ask because i have always...
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    Body Quirks

    Does my full fledge Spock ear count? If not then..... i'm totally normal.
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    pokemon types

    I Beat the entirety of Sapphire with JUST a sableye.... or was it sapphire? Maybe it was another version... i don't really remember. Anyways, i had ONE level 86 sableye and all my other pokemon were level 25 or lower. I simply never needed anything else. I BEAT EVERYONE INCLUDING ALL THE IN...
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    Truly Failed Advertising

    I cannot believe no one has mentioned the J.G. Wentworth commercials.
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    Poll: What Will Your Skyrim Race Be?

    Bretons are vastly superior to everyone else. Besides. Magic ftw.
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    Skyrim and teleporting mannequin monsters.

    What the FUCK is that?