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    Power Rangers Teaser Trailer (I think, there weren't any Power Rangers in it)

    In case you missed Xsjadoblade's comment:
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    Suicide Squad was awesome, critics high on crack

    Superman is an established character, yes, but he's been around for over 70 years, written by numerous writers. People say he shouldn't be all brooding, yet he has been before. People say he shouldn't kill, yet he has before. There is no one correct version of Superman, and getting angry at a...
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    Patton Oswalt joins mlp

    He already has, at least twice off the top of my head.
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    Justice League 2017 Info Drop: Logo and Synopsis revealed

    Actually, the producers have already admitted that Superman is coming back in the film, just not how. I really hope that, after a rough start, things will go well for DC. I feel a lot of the negative reactions are out of disappointment more than anything, wanting to like these movies. I...
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    'Batman v. Superman' Fallout: Warner Bros. Shakes Up Executive Roles

    56% isn't aggressively panned. That's mixed. That's polarizing. Not panned.
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    'Batman v. Superman' Fallout: Warner Bros. Shakes Up Executive Roles "Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will co-run DC Films in an attempt to course-correct Warners' comic book movies." Any thoughts on this?
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    Civil War

    I kinda feel like Black Panther was the real hero of the movie.
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    Its hard being a DC fan. (Rant)

    While I am an ardent defender of Man of Steel and I feel most of the criticisms against it are unfair/false, I share a lot of the criticisms most people have against BvS, even though I didn't think it was as bad as people said it was (6 out of 10, I'd say). I think a lot of it comes down to...
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    Captain America - Civil War - Which Side Are You On?

    If people could stop taking potshots at BvS any day now, that'd be great, thanks.
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    Ladies and gentlemen the Power Rangers

    One image and everyone's a critic. When are we going to learn to stop mouthing off about stuff we haven't seen yet and wait until we see the finished product before rendering a fair judgment?
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    Hardcore Henry - The FPS Video Game Movie

    Haley Bennett looks like a less expensive Jennifer Lawrence.
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    It's official: Netflix Punisher series in production

    Universal also owns the rights to solo Hulk movies, which is why there hasn't been a solo Hulk movie in a while.
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    What is wrong with Dark/Edgey?

    He felt bad about it because he killed someone with his bare hands and he didn't want to! Wasn't it obvious? You can't criticize one instance where Superman feels bad about killing someone then praise another scene where he kills people and feels bad about it. Fans have no right to be pissed off...
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    First image of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

    There are rumors that Zordon is the original Red Ranger, and some have speculated, based on this photo, that Rita is the original Green Ranger. I'm fine with this if that's the case, assuming they plan to introduce the new Green Ranger in a possible sequel.
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    When has something been too mean-spirited or cruel for you to enjoy?

    Given his personality, there's no way Tommen instigated it. Margaery is clearly taking advantage of his vulnerability and naivete; Natalie Dormer herself confirmed it and said it was child abuse. Saying yes doesn't automatically make it okay; look at female teachers who abuse male students, many...