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    If you could Direct The sequel to any game...

    as far as MGS4 goes maybe you would prefer MGS:peace walker more then. almost everything is in codec form.
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    What are you listening to?

    its good is why
  3. J RPGs

    first play through i play good guy in every way i can. then about half way through i go back to the starting town and kill everyone and if possible take their heads and stick them around the main road to the town. i do this to represent the main character's desensitization to violence and...
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    First MW3 Review

    no joke all of his comments are bizarrely entertaining to read. lol
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    Avatar: what do you think of it?

    i loved it. Aang is a well flushed out... oh shit. never mind. i'll just go sit in my corner and watch my nick shows by myself then.
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    Favourite Game Intros
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    MW3 no different than MW2....(some MW3 gameplay)

    i don't give a flying shit. I'm getting it i don't care if or how they changed it all i want is to finish the fucking story.
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    Poll: would you die for your country?

    Been there, done that. I was shot in the chest while in Iraq and my heart stopped from the damage. Was resuscitated and sent home. Now i kinda resent my country because they don't take care of the veterans they disabled very well. I don't suggest anyone go and die for your country. Its...
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    Poll: Asking for a kiss on your birthday.

    just ask her out. it sounds like you have known each other as good friends for long enough. just take the risk. at worst you get shot down no biggie.
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    Is Hitting A Girl All That Bad?

    I'm 6'2" and 125lbs. my wife is 5'6" and 125lbs. i feel your pain.
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    Farming games recommedations?

    Minecraft. no joke just look up some of the farming mods that are out there. this is the one i use all the time. i spend hours...