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    Scariest game??

    Agreed. But I wouldn't consider that scaring you, just simply surprising you. My way of judging if a game is scary is whether or not I am able to proceed. While the scariest horror movie would continue playing to the end, your only options being to keep or stop watching, a game requires player...
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    Top 10 Games with Best Music By TheHatPerson

    This is ridiculous. Where is Katamari Damacy? Braid? And my personal favorite, the soundtrack to Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, by Amon Tobin. Listen to it!
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    Best Movie Trilogy of All Time

    Movie geek, here, coming to ruin your fun! :D The Three Colors Trilogy, by Krzysztof Kieslowski; The Apu Trilogy; The Godfather. As for fun stuff, I like Evil Dead. It truly is a glorious celebration of boyish fantasy violence. Also, The Vengeance Trilogy (Oldboy, etc.)
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    Stylistically Great Games

    I just played Okami the other day, and I was pretty much blown away. All of the gameplay elements were completely tied together by the Japanese painting motif. It's not necessarily a game I'm going to be playing for very long, but jesus, it was beautiful. It didn't even have great graphics...
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    Does anyone feel a sense of morality when playing an RTS?

    This is why George W. Bush isn't human.
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    Angriest you've ever been at a game.

    Super Mario 3. It makes me so sad, too, because I love it. I just seriously can't play it for shit.
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    What shoulder faries do you have

    With all honesty, my shoulder fairy is not defined yet. I think I'm too young to have a detailed outlook on life. Think of mine as a silhouette or a blur.
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    Favourite Writer? (playwright poet author etc.)

    Yes. I thank you for posting this. My favorite of all time is Phillip K Dick. His books are just so mind-blowing. I love idea-novels, books that are about a specific theme or concept, and, just like Dostoevsky, PKD is a master of that. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Flow My Tears The...
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    Fellowship Of The... You!

    Two people. 1) Dr. Manhattan. He's pretty much a god, and could obliterate all the moles in a split second.
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    Favorite NON-gaming hobby

    Filmmaking, miniatures.
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    Poll: How Many Of you Gamers Smoke Cigarettes?

    Don't smoke tabbacky, but occasionally marijuana. I am in no way addicted to it, and, at the rate I'm going, will probably have smoked 7-8 times by the end of this year. For some reason, the smell of tobacco reminds me of Amsterdam, where some of my family lives. A lot of them smoke and it...
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    Poll: Are you a student?

    Freshman, HS. Glad to know there are people in these forums who defy the ignorant teenager stereotype.
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    Film Study

    Oh god, some of these lists are provoking my inner film geek/troll. Well, I shouldn't say 'inner.' But whatever. I approve of these lists.
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    Gaming on the Mac

    I really like my Mac. People are always making assumptions about the technical prowess of Mac users, but I can guarantee that the average PC user doesn't know anything about computers. It's a downright stupid generalization. Besides, there are only two reasons why I would want to game on my...
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    The Gears of War 2 exclusive footage

    No. If it ain't really broke, make it better.