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    Valve haters, vs Valve fanboys. DRM and Why do some people hate Valve and steam?

    I use steam. I am a purely neutral force in regards to it. However, i won't really ever understand the disdain to it. As far as I'm concerned, Steam is a medium to acquire a product. The same as say, gamestop (Eb Games to fellow Canadians), Bestbuy, Future shop, etc etc. They operate some...
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    Poll: Who here prefers Video Games to Sex?

    You know what, in the past 7 years of my sexual activity...(i'm 19....yes...i know) i've slept with 28 woman. i've done every style, every non-taboo fetish, tried almost every position i can think of, and some that i can't. To this day, i'd still rather sit down with a thing of mountain dew...
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    So you've just found out your spouse is a former porn star.

    Honestly, i don't think i'd care all that money. "honey, i used to take cock as long as communist bread lines as a job a few years back" "okie dokie" I mean, it doesn't bother wouldn't bother me if she was actively in porn, granted i'd wanna know about that before the...
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    Characters you hate with a passion.

    I'll make this quick and concise. Every Character in Call of duty games. : Because, although the gameplay is mindless and enjoyable, i stutter to even call these raving arms of machismo characters, where as the idea of floating testosterone ad's with guns and one liners fits more then...
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    Heroes you yelled "YOU IDIOT!" at.

    Well, i agree with every character that has ever chosen personal morality over the greater good. That is just, crippling retarded. However, the last time i literally screamed at my T.V was during my re-watching of the entire Buffy the vampire slayer series. When in the later seasons Giles...
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    Hitman: Absolution Dev Says Most Players Won't Finish the Game

    No more to say then, people don't finish every game they own? i have never rented a game or bought a game or borrowed a game and not beaten it. it's just something you do.
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    Poll: Dubstep, how do YOU feel about it?

    Maybe as a devote metalhead something inside of me churns to have a great hatred towards other forms of music but i am also a lover of jazz and rock. I will grant the exception that they are in the same vein though. To me, Dubstep literally all sounds the same. It's possible i'm just a musical...
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    Most sadistic thing you've ever done to another player?

    I was playing minecraft with an overtly christian friend. She broke my window as a joke. So i made a giant pixel art rendition of a zombie Jesus crucified on a swastika. I made it right outside of her window so every time she had to wake up, she saw it. It was hilarious. i guess complete...
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    Poll: Calling all metal-heads...

    To me, it's Megadeth and Slayer. Then Anthrax, then Metallica. The big four are together because they together formed what we call thrash metal today. So to me, they are incredibly important.
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    Poll: How would you react to the Call Of Duty fanchise being cancelled suddenly?

    I'd be fine. I do not really play call of duty since i am a pretty strictly single player type of guy. Cod has a high basis on multiplayer, or atleast it seems so with the ten minute storyline. However, this being said. i do not hate the game nor series. Thats obnoixous. Just because i do not...
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    What do you want to see in assassins creed 3, or what changes would you like to be made.

    I shall state this before i even start writing. I have been absent form the forums for a bit, and my skills at searching at fantastic, there are probably a million of these threads. But i decided to start my own to see whats cooking in my fellow escaptists minds. Alright thats out of the...
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    Video-Game Tattoos!

    I am rather literally getting another tattoo (i have a few) this saturday, and it's my first videogame one. i'm excited.
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    What are "African-Americans" called in your country?

    Well, in all my experience, here in canada we just call em people. believe that or not. However, i find more often then not, it is the black community that ostrasizes it's self into the "black" community more often then us, maybe i don't see it since i'm in canada, or since i live in alberta...
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    Do you feel bad about "the starving kids in Africa" ?

    Do you care about the starving kids in Africa? Why? Do in care, Haha, hell no. Why? because i believe every single civilation had to carve it's own way out, that meant suffering pain, and tons of shit that was the least bit indulgent. But all our mother countrys did it. African civilation...
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    Who died for you in mass effect 2?

    So, i just finished my second play through of mass effect 2, i know it's not nearly as much as most people but i work and go to school, so it's astounding i had the time for this given the length of the game. Anyways, i was playing a chaotic good character, (For some reason my morality's...