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    You're a superhero, but...

    I've thought about this, I like warmth, and l like to scuba dive, and i like nature and earth scenery, and l like snowboarding, but I never before considered wind, and as soon as I read it when you wrote it, I imagined intense light and felt the beauty of a breeze cooling me down on a hot day...
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    Killing One liner

    I added you because of this.
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    How was your evening?

    Great then I will have to check them out sometime.
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    How was your evening?

    Watched Scott Pilgrim for the first time, so it was awesome.
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    My mom wants to take away my internet for what?!

    Honestly if one of my parents tried adding me on facebook, i would just cancel my account, or never use it ever again. But I feel like you should have the right to either a) not accept whoever you want or b) say whatever you want on facebook.
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    I like the sexy kind.
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    Poll: Love?

    Judging by the outcome everyone is selfish.
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    You're drinking right now aren't you?

    Yes I am, and talent is getting tickets from the Police.
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    Escapist members you would like to have a drink with

    Kathinka Fox1789 JanatUlrich because they are all attractive lol
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    Poll: Relationship question

    I don't know if I could trust the dependability of the android, and I want kids anyway.
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    Your Epic gaming feats

    Playing Modern Warfare 2 I stood on the other side of the map (Favela) and proceeded to throw a knife across the map and bounce it up off of the floor into my brother's testicles.
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    Whats on your mind?

    I never know.
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    The Bodily Injury Thread

    I cut off part of my finger while trying to cut the head off of a chocolate easter bunny. I still ate the bunny.
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    The country you'd rather live in?

    Anywhere where it is easy to acquire a girlfriend, lol but no really, there.
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    Are all teenagers totally apathetic?

    I made it to the bottom! Yay! But yea if you get really excited about something someone will probably make fun of you for it. Its in a friendly way though so just laugh it off after they have finished and you can probably tell them about it. But the apathy thing is 1. A way that people avoid...