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    Dishonoured: Killing when you have an option not to.

    Well, after I escaped from the prison, I looked at the achievements and saw that there was one for not killing anyone....which I had failed...big time. So I thought that, for this playthrough, I might as well be a dick, and just kill everyone. Literally everyone. On my next I will be...
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    I'm going through the same thing; my laptop apparently can't play Guild Wars 2 very well, which is most upsetting. However I think I'm going to build my own desktop instead. I know I'm sacrificing mobility, but at the end of the day, it's probably better value for what you get, and also my...
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    Escapist Expo: Q&A With The Escapists Day 2

    That was very entertaining! I have new respect for Jim and Graham after that - both very funny.
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    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX coming to PS3

    And on 360 maybe....? No? Ok..... Well, I'll have to see what this and the Final Fantasy X HD are like before I consider buying them and stealing a friend's PS3. No point in really buying one now is there... Also, why not Kingdom Hearts 2 as well? Also, why not Kingdom Hearts 3?
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    Rapist With The Dragon Tattoo

    I haven't seen the American version or read the books, but I have seen the Swedish film, in which the guy rapes her multiple times, and so on, and thus, I think, his fate was justified - she comes back and (if I remember correctly) still anally dildos him and then tattoos "I'm a rapist", or...
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    Have you ever...just felt blue?

    You sound a lot like a friend of mine (that's not you, is it Charlie?). Whilst we've all gone home for summer, he's had to stay at uni for work, and he says that no one is around. The only time he really socialises is when we play Minecraft. Then the other day our server went spazzy and he...
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    Game of Thrones season 3 predictions (spoilers....obviously)

    With more light being shed on season 3, I wondered what peoples' predictions of the next season will be? Obviously this discussion will have a lot of spoilers, so those who have not read the books may want to turn away now. Firstly, I'm assuming that they will split the third book into...
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    Minecraft help - Sever enjoys deleting things.

    Hi, A few days ago, our sever went down. The hosting site is Nitrous Networks, and judging by the response on the site, a lot of their severs had this problem. Eventually, it was sorted, though when we logged back on, part of our spawn town was missing. It seemed as though an invisible...
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    Final Fantasy VII re-release is available now!

    Does anyone know if you can, or will be able to, play this through Steam? I'd rather play it on there. I have a PS2 somewhere, with Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games. I'm in debate as to whether to buy this or not, or whether to just set that up again and replay it on there, seeing as I...
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    Dear Esther Creator: It's a Bit Like Minecraft

    Interesting comparison....though the only time that I would really relate the two is the way that when you describe the game, it sounds awful, yet when you play it, it's amazing. Play Minecraft! It has blocky graphics and you mine...and craft things! Try Dear Esther! You walk around an...
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    "Wait... its 3 am!?"

    Oh yeah - Pokemon Conquest has been a big offender recently.
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    "Wait... its 3 am!?"

    Most RPGs to be honest. But recently, the main contender has definitely been Minecraft. Time just...goes. Miracle of Sound summed it up aptly in his song, to be honest. It also happens with reading, if I have a particularly good book. Currently reading A Song of Ice and Fire. Looked at the...
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    Poll: Favourite Batman Villain.

    There are none that I dislike (well, ok, there are a few C-class villains like Filmfreak...). Ra's is very cool. He's just...awesome. I like his motives too - he doesn't want world domination or's all about purity. Scarecrow I like depending on the adaptation. Arkham Asylum...
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    So if I can't have Dawnguard...

    Why not just...stop playing for a bit? I'm SURE that Dawnguard will eventually come out on the PC - Bethesda would be making a big mistake if it didn't, in my opinion. And as much as I love Skyrim, Dawnguard wasn't THAT amazing.
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    Minecraft PVP/Survival/Adventure maps.

    Can anyone recommend some good'uns? My friends and I are getting a bit bored on our normal server so we delved into the realms of open ones. We found a decent one last night but then our base got raided and suddenly all motivation fled with it. Tried a couple of Hunger Games ones too -...