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    Poll: Is featuring rape in a game going too far?

    I'm against rape (which should go without saying). I am also against war, famine, murder, theft, discrimination, bullying and many other things. That said; I play Just Cause, Assassin's Creed, Oblivion, Deus Ex, Thief, Mirror's Edge and some others. In all of these games certain elements of...
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    12 year old raped with Wii remote for teasing 26 year old

    But why a Wii-mote? I can't get to terms with that. I'm not saying anything else would have made more s-- well, I am - but what I'm trying to ask is, why use a Wii-mote to do the job?! Yeah, that's also a good question. I mean, I know I would do something! Initially I would cover my eyes...
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    Bioware + Bethesda: Best Game Ever?

    I don't particularly like the works of Bioware, especially not since they merged with EA. I don't think we'd get a great game by pitting two large companies together and make them work together. They have entirely different goals and directions. How do they say it? Too many cooks spoils the...
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    Is Skyrim promoting bestiality?

    Bugger. I'm not passing by that way any time soon. ¬_¬ Think they'll publish it if we ask nicely?
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    Is Skyrim promoting bestiality?

    Aw, lawd!! You had me in stitches there! Any idea where one would acquire this piece of pixel art?
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    Is Skyrim promoting bestiality?

    You make a good point. That said; I'm wary of Shep/Tali relation as well. Both Tali and Garrus apparently are allergic to human DNA and humans are allergic to theirs. Any real physical intimacy will make both parties ill as hell. This is especially true to Tali who goes into supper allergic...
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    Is Skyrim promoting bestiality?

    I think they said something about a translator thingy being plugged into your ear or tooth or something. Very convenient, because if that's the case, what happens when they run out of battery? Can they be hacked and tampered with to translate wrong on purpose? Ugh!
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    Is Skyrim promoting bestiality?

    God f---ing dammit! I knew they were up to something! Thank you for letting me know. *hark* You had me in stitches there for a while. XD But then I serious'd Huh. You raise a point I hadn't thought of before. What does that say about Mass Effect? I think we should coin a new term here...
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    Is Skyrim promoting bestiality?

    No, no, no. Don't be silly. How did you come to that conclusion? If you have sex with your own species it's called "normal". Bestiality is when you have sex outside your species. You know; Canines, Fish, Horses, reptiles - Not humans. Makes me wonder; is it called bestiality as well when, for...
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    Is Skyrim promoting bestiality?

    Any price is worth my horse in a tux! Also, Fox can go f--k themselves. It's not like anything intelligent comes from that news station anyway. The question is though; will we be able to have sex? So far they have announced marriage, but it might be platonic. That said, if they do add sex...
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    Is Skyrim promoting bestiality?

    Short answer: Yes. It depends on how you look at it. Argonian and Kajiit are animal, no doubt. They can't bare human children, and vice versa, humans can't bare Kajiit or Argonian children (don't argonians lay eggs?). Where this occurs we can safely call it inter-species breeding. So, yes...
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    Poll: Isn't this kind of sexist?

    Before I give my two cents I'd first like to stress this; I do not in any way mean to downplay how serious the issue of domestic abuse towards women is. That said; I have grown up surrounded by women and have been in the 'friend zone' long enough to understand that many (not most - because that...
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    Poll: Are murderers forgivable?

    What about rape? Is that forgiveable? Child abuse? Human Trafficking? I'd say never forgive someone of a crime, and remember it always. After all, you forgiving and forgetting will not undo the past.
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    I really don't like Deus Ex: HR

    Thank you. I'm much more confident about the game now. :3
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    Poll: Mass Effect - Female Shepard, who did you romance?

    My right hand. There are some good rule 34 out there. Besides; the alternatives in the game sucks. I tried them all! And the ones I didn't try I watched on Youtube. ¬_¬