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    Fallout 4: Want, needs, and things that aren't needed

    My bigest complaint for the Fallout series (well the FPS ones anyways) is the rather shoddy gunplay. Seriously it's terrible, the game stands entirely on its atmosphere and sense of exploration, not it's gameplay which is a damn shame. Aside from the way gunplay controls, I'd like more...
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    Can someone please explain to me the appeal of...

    Oh good, for a second there I thought I was going crazy.
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    US Air Force Confirms Existence of "Brony" Squadron

    can't tell if serious Anywhoo I'd Imagine that were someone to be dumb enough to attack the U.S they would be faced with 5,500(ish) combat aircraft and bombers (USAF) 10 aircraft carriers 22 cruisers 66 destroyers 23 frigates 71 submarines 600 combat aircraft (USN) 8,700 tanks over...
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    Pirate Bay Co Founder Crowdfunds Encrypted Messenger

    Yeah I'm going to have to agree with this, I would much rather have the time and energy being spent on lobbying for the end of the NSA's data mining program, Besides, as I have been lead to understand (and common sense dictates) the NSA's primary data collection about you is your metadata, as...
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    A sequel to a game of your choice

    Dear Massive, I must admit, I was thoroughly impressed with the showing of the Division at E3 this year, and I oh so do look forward to getting to play it. However, there is one game that you need to make, that has been worryingly left in limbo all these years. That game being World In...
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    The Last of Us Almost Had a Different Ending (Spoilers)

    Yeah, especially with point #3. Humanity is gone, over 60% of the worlds population was wiped out, and our infrastructure remains in ruins. I mean when you think about it, how the hell are the firefly's going to manufacture enough of the vaccine (assuming they are even successful in creating...
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    Good Endings that You Didn't Like

    The good ending of Dishonered. It just felt so rushed, as if the devs had a checklist for what they had to show for all your admirable chocking skills.
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    Poll: If the XBone didn't have any form of DRM...would you buy one?

    I'd like to know the black rights necessary to summon a PC for $500 that can push the kind of graphical fidelity of an Xbone.
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    The most awesome games that will likely never happen.

    World in Conflict 2. That is all.
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    Poll: CoD Dog vs Giant Enemy Crab

    I'm more interested in how a giant enemy crab got 3 points of military training.
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    Anyone ever had broken consoles?

    Never had a console truly break on me, well at least to the point where it wouldn't turn on. However my PS3's disk drive did sputter and die several months ago after trying to play Uncharted 3. I can still play all my downloaded games just find, but I'm getting no luck with any of my physical...
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    Interesting facts

    Well I just finished up writing my paper on the Cuban Missile Crisis, and oh boy do I have some facts for you. Interestingly enough, when the blockade was first erected, planners did not take into account the threat of Soviet submarines. It was only a day later that someone realized this may...
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    What is the point of consoles anymore?

    In some circles these games are known as exclusives. They tend to be quite good actually, and have these nasty habits of remaining exclusive to consoles. That of course doesn't take into consideration their budget price for performance, as well as the relative simplicity.
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    Mirror's Edge 2 Listing Appears On

    EA you better not be getting my hopes up on this. Seriously if we get an open world free-roam mirrors edge sequel, I'd probably die.
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    Favorite hero who doesn't have superpowers

    Big Boss, for there is no other. I mean sure, solid went through hell and all, but Big Boss easily dwarfed him in the scale of his accomplishments. Not only did he manage just fine without any of that fancy pants technology Solid relied on, he proceeded to destroy no less than six metal gears...