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    Minecraft. A 10minute talk.

    Ok so.... I have to do this talk for 10minutes, on anything at all, it just has to go for 10minutes. I was looking for ideas (naming all 600 odd pokemon was one idea :P) and my friend dared me to talk about minecraft for 10mins. So basically, I need ideas for talking material, props...
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    Your PC

    4GB ram ati 4670 intel core 2 duo @2.53Ghz Mx518 mouse - can never go wrong some 24" widescreen mointor, makes stuff pretty Razor Goliathus control mousepad g15 keyboard logitech x540's 5:1 surround
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    Age Of Empires I

    Yea, me and a few friends still constantly play it against each other via hamachi, never gets old Though we play Rise of Rome(number 1's expansion)
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    Diablo info needed!!!!

    In regards to your Diablo 2 problem (not Diablo 3 info), there is a mod out there that ups the graphics to nice and shiny of a few years ago quality, it looks much better than before using its higher resolutions. Though it is probs not supported online as it is a user created mod
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    Interesting Statistics, Anyone?

    Im fairly certain that for every 5 pages of porn, there is one page of normal internets I'm fairly certian it was quite a reliable source
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    Mirror's edge I beg for a sequel ??? unless this is some sort of hoax? so either l2google, or my bad
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    Best Intro to a game?

    Borderlands. Best. into. ever. but seriously, every time i hear aint no rest for the wicked i have to go back and play it
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    what is wrong with my internet connection?

    firstly: google secondly: more google thirdly: probs something to do with your NAT or port forawrding or stupid setting like that good luck and have a fun time fixing =]
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    Games you can't remember, but still miss - describe them.

    Was it Future Cop LAPD? cause that game was awesome
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    Awesome Sinks.

    they are some mad sinks
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    Awesome Sinks.
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    Awesome Sinks.

    Hey, this is one of my first actual posts, so i don't know how to add images, but while browsing the net once i found this picture of an awesome sink. [pretend there is an awe inspiring sink here] It made me wonder, what...
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    What is the craziest things you have ever shouted ( or heard shouted) at a game?

    Some guy getting sex while playing MW1, there are fake sex noises, then there is real sex.....this was real sex.........
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    Favorite Quotes

    A tale of two kitties: Catsello :D
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    Left 4 Dead 2 Ban Surprised, Saddened Valve

    OMFG THIS IS THE GAYEST THING EVER.....i was soo looking forward to L4D2...........AAAAAHHHHHHHH (Rage time.....).............who wants to help on a massacre of the stupid people who decided this? then we will show them true melee violence........this is gay