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    I'm Still Alive, and I Want You Gone.

    We all expected there to be a song at the end of Portal 2. The same probably couldn't be said for the first game. That's probably why people thought of Want You Gone as somehow worse than Still Alive, when they are both quite good. Kind of like how a joke loses its impact when you're familiar...
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    Sobriety sucks

    The Inebriati would like a word with you, sir: In all seriousness, I don't really get people that say they are "not themselves" when drunk. Alcohol reduces your inhibitions, so it's more a case of you're less in control of what you reveal to people about yourself, through both your actions...
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    Poll: Has your taste in music changed over time?

    My taste in music basically went like this: Pop (Early childhood) Rap/HipHop (Late Childhood to Early Teens) Techno/Electronica/Dance (Mid Teens) Rock/Metal (Late Teens) And it's now (i.e. early twenties) principally rock and metal, but also having an appreciation for the other genres I...
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    Who Else Saw The Postal 3 Announcement , Misread It As Portal 3, And Flipped The Fuck Out?

    I made the mistake briefly, but didn't freak out since it only took me about a 5th of a second to notice the letter s, after the word caught my eye due to the resemblance. Reminds me of that thing where you can understand words as long as the first and last letters are in order, due to the...
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    League of Legends. Kog'Maw, with ultimate maxed. Enemy is on low health and tries to flee. They think they are out of my range... [R] [Click] . . . BAM! *You have slain an enemy.* Feels so good when that happens.
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    Poll: Favorite form of alcohol

    There's so much said about how nice "quality" spirits are that I find myself disappointed when I remember that I find it difficult to enjoy any spirit due to... well the burny-ness. But beers, I've found, can be pretty interesting as well once you move beyond your standard mass-produced...
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    Share the most intense, powerful music you know.

    That song almost brings tears to my eyes, it's so epic. I know "epic" is overused, but to me this song is epic in the truest sense of the word.
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    So.... reasons why wouldnt you go to australia?

    The large bugs, the oppressive lack of an 18+ rating, the fact that it's the complete opposite side of the world from the rest of my friends and family... Oh, and Christmas with Summer weather. That'd just fuck with my head too much.
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    Ever feel sorry for the enemies you've killed in a game?

    Rarely the enemies, usually just the innocent bystanders. "No Russian" in MW2 is a good example. I actually pretended to shoot them, deliberately missing. Say what you like about CoD, it's pretty immersive. I also used to feel guilty when I ran over pedestrians in GTA 4. (That one didn't...
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    Pissed at my English teacher, justified?

    Show her some Extra Credits episodes. See if that convinces her.
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    Exploding PSU's

    My wee brother's power supply exploded in my dad's face when me and him were trying to figure out what went wrong with it. Startled me at the time, was funny as fuck in retrospect.
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    Any words that you simply CANNOT speak.

    I find myself occasionally saying the word programming like "pogramming" or "porgramming" if I'm not paying attention to my own speech. Which happens more than you'd think. Often my train of thought will go too fast for my speech to keep up and I'll end up squishing two consecutive words I'm...
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    Poll: Do you hold open doors?

    Yes. Not in the "stand aside and let them go through first" kind of way. More in the "keep it open after walking through it so they don't get a door shut in their face" kind of way. Not chivalrous, just not being a dick to people.
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    Did Modern Warfare 2 end with a Cliffhanger?

    It's not really a cliffhanger, it just leaves it open for the sequel. There's no ambiguity about whether Soap survives. Basically, if the game had ended more like the first Modern Warfare with you fading out of conciousness after tearing the knife out and killing Shepherd with it, instead of...
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    Poll: How do you pronounce the letter "z"?

    I haven't heard anyone do it for several years now, actually, but I distinctly remember a few people doing it when I was younger. It might have died out by now, I've no idea.