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    Most Infuriating Book(s) You've Ever Read?

    Most recently I found myself incredibly annoyed at Patriotism, by Yukio Mishima. It's a short story and it kind of feels like it's all about how sexy and wonderful the protagonist is for committing seppuku sexily and wonderfully with his demure and sexy and wonderful wife. Reading it you can...
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    Poll: Best Final Fantasy Game.

    I haven't played the SNES games (an Android port would change that, Square-Enix!), so my vote is IX, followed by VII, XII and Tactics. I think some of the negativity XII catches is crossfire from people who hated X and XIII and never actually played it. The game itself is actually excellent...
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    Square Enix Sued Over Kane and Lynch 2

    Are there even any charges? If this is true, then it is so stupid that I can't come up with any kind of metaphor to accurately convey how stupid I think it is. Dear god. This is much worse than the Resident Evil 5 controversy. That was completely legitimate compared to this. Seriously. At...
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    The Witcher 3 - what would you like to see?

    A character creator. That is the single most significant thing I would want to see.
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    What the heck is going on here?

    I used to use VLC exclusively until I tried to watch a movie subtitled a few years ago. It would get about half an hour into it, then crash. MKVs and h.264 video tended to be weird and broken too. Checking online didn't seem to help, as it seemed to be a bug they hadn't fixed yet. After...
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    Poll: Jim sterling VS Extra credits

    Extra Credits have a tendency to go on and on about very simple ideas, which comes off as "talking down" to anyone who understood what they meant in the first minute. For a similar effect, try reading a "stub" article on Wikipedia fifteen times. There's also that weird thing they do when...
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    What the heck is going on here?

    This will solve all your problems. VLC is buggy and weird sometimes, especially if you want to watch anything with subtitles. Uninstall any codec packs you might have downloaded (K-lite is the devil), then install CCCP and run MPC HC (it comes with the pack).
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    One, Two, Lots

    So, uh... is the title a reference to the Pirahã or was that a pure coincidence?
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    The Witcher Producer Tries Something New

    Oh, this could be good. I never got into the Witcher series because Geralt (fuck him). Setting actually sounds interesting this time too, intriguing!
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    Poll: Crapy Endings to Beloved Series

    Why is The Matrix up there? It's only one movie, not a series. Sure, they never did end that whole machine war business, but did they have to?
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    Poll: Anime List Comparison

    Peasant seems like a weird term to use. You haven't watched that much, but that's not something to be embarrassed about. I'm not the right judge to determine the quality of your list anyway, since I hate shonen anime way too much to be fair. Any suggestions I can come up with wouldn't suit it...
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    ME3: Thessia and Kai Leng (Spoilers)

    God, don't get me started. Kai Leng is the worst character they have ever written (yes, this is an open challenge to anyone who thinks they know of a worse BioWare character). Literally everything about his character is incongruous in the setting. He's a space ninja. He's dressed like a Final...
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    Poll: So I want to know which is more fun? P3P, Or FES

    Since you have both.. The Answer is available at the start without clearing the game, isn't it? Play P3P and then do the expansion if you want a poor and unnecessary continuation of a perfect ending to an excellent game. Everyone starts acting bizarrely out-of-character and everything is kind of...
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    5 Game Endings that are worse than Mass Effect 3

    Half-Life 2 and Digital Devil Saga weren't that bad. Ok, they weren't perfect, but they weren't as bad as ME3's ending. Half-Life 2 played on HL1's ending and was a bit of a letdown, although you do complete what you set out to do in the start. I didn't think it was that unclear. It's...
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    Poll: Will you stop buying Bioware?

    That's a bizarre accusation! I can't even afford BioWare. I'm not EA, that would be ridiculous. A more serious post: I don't see any reason to write off a developer for a game unless it's something seriously vile (racism, rape, etc). You can really never know what the next game by a developer...