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    Fun with "Bad Translator".

    "Alas this was the end of it. Turns out everything went to shit." Turns into "The dog is dangerous."
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    You are on fire.

    Would that be the Firebat?
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    do you think that your username is very memorable

    I would hope not, I changed it everywhere else but can't here, so yeah. Don't remember me.
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    Nearly Every Tween Engaged In Online Gaming

    Well, I'm glad I passed this age, less of a target.
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    The world's best fictional person.

    Ezio Auditore! The one who can stab people secretly but still sport a spiffying outfit of his choice.
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    Who is the coolest person you can find who shares your birthday?

    Elijah Wood. Thats how you spell it right?
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    Team Fortress 2 vs. Modern Warfare 2

    Basically, Valve want to give out their updates for free (Like they do with PC), but Microsoft and Sony will not do that so the console versions don't have the same amount of content.
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    Poll: Does anyone remember Beast Wars?

    I LOVED IT! I don't remember my favorite character but I do remember when I stopped watching, (When the rental store we used closed), it was when the equivalent of the Decipticons, (Where they called the Decipticons?) were trying to resurrect Optimus Prime and use him for evil deeds. I miss it....
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    I made an amazing discovery today.

    Heh, whoops, I am a fool
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    I made an amazing discovery today.

    Today while preparing to play some TF2 something caught my eye on the screen. It was amazing, it was something I thought would never be answered and that thing was revealed by one word, have a look.... Who else found this? Did you expect this? How does this make you feel?
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    You wake up in bed and_____ is next to you.

    Gordon Freeman! It would be doubly interesting because he wouldn't be able to explain what happened. Then you discover Alyx Vance under the sheets. Yay!
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    Let's send Justin Bieber away (Twtitter account required)

    Hey that doesn't happen! At least not in SOUTH Autrailia.... maybe it's because of all the churches? Leave the kid alone, as long as he doesn't make me have to notice him, I won't and life will be peaceful.
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    Games You Wish You Had

    I'm just waiting till I get myself, Just Cause 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Assassins Creed Brotherhood Limited codex Edition. I may miss out on the Codex edition but, since I play it on PC, I doubt anyone will buy it because of the DRM, I reckon that's how I managed to get AC 2: Black...
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    Poll: the new medal of honour; offensive and tasteless, or is that just me?

    Hold on for a second. Isn't the new Medal of Honor game about Tier 1 operatives who A) American and B) aren't meant to be really known about because their main mission is to hunt down main people in the Taliban and assassinate them? Correct me if I'm wrong but there was a huge article in OPS Aus...
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    what was your first mature-rated game?

    To me I find it quite funny that Mortal Kombat is taken so seriously in violence. Yeah it was in the 90's so it was different there but I believe that Midway made it in an intended humorous way. Sure it's violent but with things like "Toasty" and Liu Kang in it, you can't help but see it in the...