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    A Genie comes to you and gives you three wishes. What do you wish for?

    1) The power/skill set of Zatanna, meaning i could alter any aspect of myself. 2) If it isn't enough, maybe reality warping? 3) To essentially become a genie myself. with all 3 of those wishes, i'd at least have the power of a lesser tier god, as well as being able to endure/adapt past...
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    Cathedral City cheese? i assume its a cheddar or something, isn't bad on toast. or that green packeted cheese from ASDA that isn't as mild as blue-packetted cheese. sometimes i even mix in grated cheese in my Pot Noodle if there's crumbs of it left. Cheese is just one of those good things.
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    Let's Swap Noob Stories

    All i remember from newbie days of Runescape was that i initially made money running bananas into the box on Karamja whilst waiting for the Knife/Rope spawns to regenerate, which then i sold to the general store. think this was before TzHaar was released and was YEARS before the Grand Exchange...
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    Square Enix Vows to Fully Support The Nintendo Switch

    I'm only expecting as much as games they absorbed/published via Eidos. maybe yet another release of (formally) Ouya-exclusive games like the FF3/4 Ports that basically reused DS's assets. maybe they'll just dig out the PSP-inspired release of FF1 from the Japanese 3DS eshop and somehow sell it...
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    Wii U to Switch ports you want?

    I would say Hyrule Warriors....but Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2 apparently has differences between other versions (which might affect enemy density due to processing), that i wouldn't be surprised if a HW port on the Switch took 3DS content with slightly better graphics or something. if it's a new...
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    Your "...I'll get back to it..." games list

    Too many to mention. but recently it was Dragon Quest 7, 8 and Pokemon Moon. BOTW and the Switch just came out recently, and i just don't have the time to have everything in one place.
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    Poll: What is your appetite like?

    I probably snack too often, and have a large amount of cheese. i normally go for stuff like pasta packets. if i worked out, i can probably fill in the amount minerals/carbs/whatever but for the moment im probably just starting to get a bit fat.
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    When did you last get your 'Wow factor' from video games?

    I'm thinking either Super Smash Bros. Brawl, or Mario Galaxy. former just because of how realistic it looked (at the time) as well as the unexpected guest stars. the latter just looked pretty gourgous whilst having great music, added Rosalina (who was pretty great at the time, considering past...
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    Capcom Looking to Revive Series that Have Been Quiet of Late

    I'm thinking they'll just do something like another Mega Man game, due to the renewed interest by the Cartoon series. i probably wouldn't mind something like a new Darkstalkers or Power Stone. or maybe they could somehow shoehorn in another Dino Crisis? i mean Resident Evil has slowly evolved...
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    Poll: Pokemon:Sun and Moon-Favorite starter

    Favorites has been a rollercoaster really. Like when the starters were revealed, i didn't have a preferred starter, i'd probably rate Rowlet slightly lower than the other 2 but it's not like a direct hate. once the 2nd stages were released i instantly liked Brionne, and placed Torracat last...
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    Nintendo NX: What have you heard?

    One thing i heard would be that it could be a single console and something that just connects to a Dock, on one hand, the use of modular hardware could be pretty amazing, but the downside is that Nintendo could have an issue with a convergent System-Handheld system that the entire idea of...
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    Unreleased WarCraft Adventure Game Leaked After 18 Years

    I'm only curious about the cutscenes because they're apparently done by the same people who did the cinematics for Hotel Mario and the Zelda CDi games. tell me there's a compilation or at least Deathwing smoking a hookah? could see this becoming youtube poop potential if the VA/clips are narmy...
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    Next 5 Games You will buy new

    Dragon Quest 7, Pokemon Moon, Dragon Quest 8...maybe the Gunvolt double pack if its getting a EU release. was kinda curious about the first one. and possibly Yokai Watch 2, despite people comparing it to Pokemon just because of sites like Forbes toting it as a Pokemon Killer, the game isn't that...
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    I just play it safe with Pizza and have Pepperoni on it, one time we bought a stuffcrust pizza, except because of how the crust was rolled up, it was more like 20% cheese per slice, it kind of got filling/sickly after 1-2 slices. and this was about 2 pizzas split between 6 people. like the...
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    The worst game you have ever played.

    I wasn't a fan of Tao's Adventure, for a spiritual successor to Azure just tanked on and on, and that was just the tutorial. it just didn't feel as fast as AD was, plus since it's 3D the floors isn't randomly generated which removes most of the draw that Azure Dreams had. think i can...